DC Comics Green Lantern Launch - Linora Low
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DC Comics Green Lantern Launch

DC Comics Green Lantern Launch

If you remember I attended the most awesome event over a couple of weeks ago (Read that here and also here) and i also blogged a couple of times on getting psyched about a highly anticipated movie! (This one here)

The event i’m talking about is the DC Comics Green Lantern Launch at the Pavilion Centre Court! it was really the most entertaining and coolest event ever. This is in conjunction with the Green Lantern movie, which everyone just can’t wait for ^_^


Where else could you dress up like a superhero and even SEE superheroes! I mean like check this out!!

You’ve got BATMAN!

Me with the fantastic Hawk Girl!


Here i am with the very cute FLASH! Even with the mask on, the guy dressed up as The Flash still looks good looking ^_~

Taking a shot with BATMAN himself and Jeremy had to steal my thunder! >.<


Me and Mynn with the Green Lantern wall. The Supergirl spaghetti tops are sponsored by DC Comics. Thanks so much DC Comics, we love them and we love you!


Standing tall (well as tall as i can be la, i’m actually really tiny) and proud with my Supergirl / Superman top. The mini skirt is also a supergirl label, which i did buy from DC Comics. My favourite mini skirt as of now!

Bits of the Fashion Show!

Here i am with my sister from another mother, Sarah Low!

The awesome, gigantic Green Lantern Ring just behind me.

With the RedFM Family! Jeremy and Lexie, Mynn. and Sarah curi glamour 😛 hehehe giving Jeremy a big KAPOW!!!


Photos are courtesy of Candid Photography by our very good friend Nick Dorian!

With the very adorable Erik One who manages Erik Talents and actress, sing and beauty queen Soo Wincci!


With the 8TV girls, Megan Tan and Julie Woon! Girl Power all around!

Check it out we are in the RING! The Big HUGE RING chose US!!!! 😛 Lame.. i admit 😛

And other performances of the night. Don’t these joker acrobats remind you of the ones from Batman Forever!

Muscle man Hansen Lee to host the event!

Here i am with Jason from Brandthinkasia! ^_^ Thanks so much again!

Just tell me how cool is this BAT MOBILE and the life size figurine of Batman and the BAT SIGNAL! You can see this for yourself at the DC Comics outlet at Pavilion.


Thanks so much to DC Comics and Brandthinkasia for the invites. This was truly an amazing amazing time!

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