10 Ways To Getting Started in The Gym - Linora Low
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10 Ways To Getting Started in The Gym

10 Ways To Getting Started in The Gym

This will be one of the first blog posts that will talk about me as a fitness nut.. So are you having trouble getting motivated to go to the dreaded gym? 0908-motivation.jpgLet me  just say, that it’s really really hard to try and motivate yourself. Especially if you are lazy. The world around us has made everything so convenient that we become comfortable. so comfortable that you are willing to let things slide. When i say slide, i’m referring to ones health and fitness level. I too have that guilty pleasure of where i’ll just say “Oh there’s always tomorrow, i can do it (gym it/sweat it out/whatever) then.” Truth of the matter is this.. when you say you will do it tomorrow… more often than not, you don’t. Because saying you will is lip service and actually doing it is another thing all together. ok so before i continue to rant. I’ll just jump straight to it. What is the few ways you can start yourself out into getting back into a healthy lifestyle? Here are just a few that i wanted to share.

  1. Don’t PROCRASTINATE The more you say you’ll do it tomorrow, you’ll never really get to starting. I highly suggest the minute you say you want to workout. Just get to it. Don’t waste another precious minute, sitting at the comp, chilling out with your drink. NO GET UP and go go go. I guarantee, usually the day you begin a workout, that will also be the day you don’t feel like stopping

2. Have a GOAL This is one of the best motivations for yourself. Look in the mirror, honestly ask yourself are you satisfied with your current physique or health regime? When you have a GOAL, you have a vision of what you want to attain. It could be that six pack, it could be just to get into that new pair of jeans. Whatever it is, set a goal. i find that in having goal, you have better focus and focus will give you drive. Make realistic goals of course, but then again i would also say, just aim big! When you aim for a big goal from your training sessions, you will see results faster.

3. Get someone to be your FITNESS WITNESS I personally always think it’s cool to declare how you want to reach your goal or put your words into action. I say this cause, it makes you accountable to what you’ve just said. So when you say you want to gym to someone, they can pretty much hold you accountable. Make sure you get a friend who has the same thinking as you. Some would call it a gym buddy. Its hard to find one, but always good to have. When one side slacks the other should.. i would think help in pushing the other. But don’t let their excuses be yours. If they can’t make it on a planned day, go alone.

4. Start with what you LIKE to do When starting out at the gym, don’t go doing a workout for a body part you dislike doing. Go straight for the ones that you have fun with. Working out is meant to be fun, so when it becomes a BCT – Bore, Chore and Torture – you’ve just killed your motivation. So if you happen to like doing only cardio do that (although a lot of people  i’ve met, HATE cardio lol), if you like working out on the arms then go do that. Start your first workout with something FUN! You’ll then feel like continuing the procedure. ^_~

5. Sign up to a GYM.. Ok wait wait,  let me clarify. You may not necessarily need to sign up to one, however in doing so. You become obligated to starting your gym regimen. Why? Simple your money is going down the drain if you don’t workout (**note this method may not work for everyone). So make use of the gym! You are already paying anyway, you might as well work it out to get your money’s worth.

6. Buy some new GYM CLOTHES AND GADGETS Another point i need to clarify. It does not only pertain to gym clothes by the way. It could also be you spending money to buy that new pair of shoes, or that new pair of earphones. You’ve already invested in items that is meant to help you get the body you want. This may seem pointless to you, but think of it this way. Say you’ve already bought that hot Nike top.. now don’t you wanna go show it off at the gym? Or say you’ve already bought that new Ipod. Now go make use of it! ^_^

7. Get a real GOOD MUSIC PLAYLIST A sure fire way to get you motivated. Listen to tunes that really kick ass! Music is one of the best motivators in the world. It sets the mood for you.  I know when i listen to songs like Usher’s More with the NBA players playing in the music video, it will always get me motivated. Plus listening to music, allows you to zone out and concentrate on what you need to do at the gym. Less talk more doing.

8. Find one CELEBRITY Do you envy the body of  celebrities? or maybe just one celeb? Take a picture of them and keep it in your phone, wallet, place it on your wall. Take a good look at that Celeb of your and say to yourself that you want to work to something close- if not- that bod. Get you mental strength churning to want to get up and make a change for yourself.

9.Watch the AN INSPIRING VIDEO LIKE BIGGEST LOSER I’m not sure about you, but out of all the reality series on television. I highly recommend you watch this one. no where else will you see such determination by people to want to lose weight and have a better lifestyle. You can make fun of it but seriously, this is an awesome show that has to be watched. If those contestants don’t motivate you, i don’t know what will. lol. 😛 If that doesn’t rock your boat… just get on youtube and go find a video that will get your blood boiling to get up and do something.

10. To attract the OPPOSITE SEX This is probably the most shallowest of reasons to head to the gym. Well gimme a break, it’s a known fact that the reason that anyone would want to look better – other than for themselves of course – is so they can attract the other gender. If meeting hunkie guys or cute girls at the gym is the way for you to workout, then hey go do it. Whatever that gets you motivated ^_~ i know it sounds shallow it does, but for some people this WORKS! Soooo  i wouldn’t knock it. 😛

Remind yourself that nothing is going to change if you change nothing. In other words, if you don’t do your workout, your body is not going to have any reason to adjust as a result of that workout. You need to invest the time and effort to reap the rewards. There you go, the 10 ways to get yourself motivated to head to the gym. Now that you’re done reading this, go out there and make yourself proud by having a good sweat. ^_^

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