Forte Talent Show Grand Finale - Linora Low
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Forte Talent Show Grand Finale

Forte Talent Show Grand Finale

The stage is set, you have your top 12 contestants.. but only one can go be crowned as the most talented performer of the night.

Ladies and Gentlemen..

This is NOT AMERICAN IDOL!!! hahaha

But it IS The Forte Talent Show Grand Finale.

A Talent competition for anyone who believes they have magic in them.

I had the wonderful wonderful pleasure of being the emcee of this Talent Show organised by KL Baptist Church. I gotta tell you the night was a journey of mad fun!

What is your talent in life? Singing? Dancing? Beatboxin a.k.a infecting a microphone with one’s own saliva? Being a stand up comedian?

I can definitely say the talent i saw at the Forte Talent Show Grand Finale was enough to make my jaw drop. The top 12 contestants that made it for the finale were amazing! On top of that, they are all soooo young!!!! Ranging from the age of 15-20+. The performances prepared for the night were impressive.

Here I am with my partner in crime for the night, Marcus Tan! I tell you he was a joy to work with and he is a superbly funny emcee. The amount of lame jokes that came out that night were unreal HAHAHA!


Judges of the night

(Left to Right) Terry Yeow – guitarist of Altered Frequency, Kenny Shim – Dance and Choreographer of Madworld, Juwita Suwito – A well known singer songwriter in the music industry and Jocelyn Ong – Very well established Singapore Musician.


Here are the Top 12

#1 – A family affair – Rhythm of Grace – Rebekah on piano, Hannah on vocals and Sarah on the guitar.


#2 – The Adam Lambert of the night – Joshua who came out singing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. He had the eyeliner, the jacket and the smoke!!! Whoaaa.



#3 – A very young lass, 15 year old Shannon who sang Happy by Leona Lewis. For someone so young she has a lovely lovely voice.


#4 – This girl had the best “PLEASE” of the night. Yi Shin sang Rihanna’s Take a Bow and i really did like her voice.

#5 – Liz here performing his Breakdance and popping locking routine! He’s got crazy arms and hands! Fab dancing!!


#6 – Cody and Lau, my two favourite beatboxers of the night! You guys were a joy to watch!


#7- Sam and Calvin who sang as well for the night.


#8 – Timothy Au, who i really think is out to break a lot of hearts haha. He sang Your Song by Elton John. And ooohhh my goshhh he is a crooner!!


#9 – This boy here is the very talented Khye Mun. He played his composition of the Angry Birds Theme song! it was just too cute. And he also designed the shirt he was wearing. You can check out his designs here. Khyemun’s Hand Drawn T-shirt ! : )



#10 – Alan Thong performing his contemporary / breakdance routine. Who would’ve thought that possible. His upper body strength is crazy!


#11- Tjoe who also gave a really good performance.


#12 – The lady who stole the night!! and i seriously mean STOLE the night. Huey Wen!! She has the most amazing voice and the most amazing talent! She did played and sang (obviously) a mashup between two songs.




So who won?

1st place – Huey Wen – Composer and Singer

Star quality!!!! I cannot wait to hear her  stuff on itunes.



2nd place – Timothy Au – Singer

i’m telling you this boy is the malaysian version of Michael Buble. You can check out some of his songs here on youtube. Girls be prepared to swoon! I’m really looking forward to see when he’ll be performing next.



3rd place – Alan Thong Boon Liang – Dancer

Very talented. I can’t wait to see what he will do next.



Although i would’ve loved to see more dancers in the top 12. Here are the Top 6 contestants together with the judges of Forte Talent Show and Pastor Eddie of KLBC.



More shots of the night!

A shot of me with the other emcee of the night.


The very very leng chai Marcus! hehehe 😛

Another emcee shot and yes i look like a firetruck hahahaha. Check out the shoes..

I cannot believe the photographer actually took my shoes hahahaha HILARIOUS!


Holding up the angry bird, as requested by Judge Terry. It i hadn’t realised how red everything was hehhee. I would like to thank Khye Mun for lending me his Angry bird.


Together with the judges – Kenny Shim, Juwita Suwito, Terry Yeow .


Here i am with all the boys.. OOOOOo i’m blushing hehe. ^_~

All pictures courtesy of Justin Koh and Jaz Khai. I hadn’t realised they have the same initials hehe.

The Forte Talent Show Grand Finale was a blast!! I think the selection for the top 3 winners was pretty good. You have a very well rounded mix. Don’t you think?I had tons of fun emceeing the event. A big congratulations to the organisers that is KL Baptist Church and a special one goes out to Alvin Kok. If not for you, i wouldn’t have hosted and gave me the opportunity to meet all the wonderful people that night.

All the talents have such raw potential to become even better. So don’t ever stop guys! Keep going at it and don’t let anything stop you. God’s given you an amazing gift and you can do wonders with it.

Love you all! ^_^

Do check out Forte Talent Show’s Facebook Page!

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