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Zookeeper Review

Zookeeper Review


“Welcome to his jungle”  – Can it get more original than that. LOL


The Movie Brief:

Griffin Keyes (Kevin James) gets dumped by his girlfriend Stephanie (Leslie Bibb) because of his job as a zookeeper. 5 years later he tries to win her back by deciding to quit in the profession he knows and loves best. The animals at the zoo decided to take matters in to their own hand and teach him how to woe a girl animal style. In the process he learns that he doesn’t love Stephanie but his colleague Kate (Rosario Dawson )


Food for thought:

Really goes to show materialistic values and being to picky about your partner is never the way for a relationship to flourish. If you are going to be with a person you should always love the person for who they are, don’t try and change them, cause you are never going to get the ideal partner you want in life. That’s called being idealistic and unrealistic. Lol. Griffin is a nice guy and sure he’s not perfect in shape, but at least he loved the girl. I heart movies that have nice guys finishing last.


The Show stealer:

I would give it to the Gorilla. Planet of the apes eat your heart out.  Nick Nolte was adorable as the big black furry dude. And seeing the gorilla get it on with a human girl who had no idea that he was a real gorilla was just funny to watch.


Loveable Moments:

  1. The idea of animals trying to help their beloved zookeeper with his love life is amusing. It’s an interesting idea and the seeing Kevin James use the ways of the animal kingdom to win the love of his life is entertaining to watch. In a very embarrassing way.

  2. One of my favourite scenes was seeing Griffin take the gorilla out for a night out at T.G.I.F and it had to be specifically that joint. Hahah the gorilla had to fake that he was going for a costume party to hide the fact that he could actually talk. The biggest laugh had to be the gorilla dancing with the girl, and she totally besotted with him… oh girl.. if only you knew!

  3. I thought it was very sweet where during the wedding scene of Griffin’s brother, Rosario Dawson hangs with him and just tells him to have fun with life. You need people like that sometimes to just remind you to enjoy the little bits of life, rather than worry about what others have to say bout you.


Critical thoughts:

The movie is nothing to shout about. It’s funny enough, and I think it will have some kids amused in their seats. It’s not as sharp as I would’ve liked it to be, it’s very slapstick. Following in the footsteps of Babe, it doesn’t come to close the that movie’s lovable characters.

The plot is cliché and you would’ve thought that the crux of the story would be about the animals. Instead it revolved around the very predictable love triangle. I would’ve preferred if I had the same feel as Madagascar.

With casts such as Sylvester Stallone, Cher and Adam Sandler as voice, one would expect more from their animal counterparts. But they just seemed to be fillers in the film.


Memorable Quotes:

Stephanie: Will you marry me?
Griffin Keyes: No.

Donald the Monkey: Throw poop at her!

Bernie the Gorilla: Do you mind if I ask you a question?
Griffin Keyes: Anything.
Barry the Elephant: Is T.G.I. Friday’s as incredible as it looks.
Griffin Keyes: It’s pretty good.

[xrr rating=2/5]

See it / Skip it:

I’d say skip it. Watch it if there really is nothing else to watch and if you just want a brainless comedy to entertain your eyeballs.



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