The RedFM Quick Workout - Linora Low
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The RedFM Quick Workout

The RedFM Quick Workout

For those of you who aren’t already aware, i’m quite the fitness fanatic. I don’t think i’ve ever been this set on keeping up to a healthy lifestyle or at least an active one on a daily basis. Having said that, i know it’s very hard to keep to a regime such as mine. It’s either you are very discipline or you’re just plain well MAD! I think i’ve entered the latter… LOL

But i digress. RedFM has a fun game called the RedFM Quick Workout! This is only workout where you burn a crazy load of calories in the shortest amount of time AND at the end of it all you get rewarded with a real cool gift.

This is the kind of workout you have to do.. checkout the video below.

i’m going to whip you into the best shape of your life!!



I’ m kidding, no way will i make you do such a hardcore regime. All you really need to do to play is this:-

  1. When i give you the cue to call..”CALL” hehhe. 03-77281049
  2. “RUN” on the REDFM Threadmill for just 30 seconds and answer as many random questions as you can. Each correctly answered question is 100 calories.
  3. That’s it you then “WIN” the reward!!!


12pm every weekday

so make sure your muscles and brain are all geared to go go go!!


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