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Win the Lose It!Package to Fitness First!

Win the Lose It!Package to Fitness First!

I admit to being a gym junkie! Yes and i’m proud of it. Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle is honestly mad, insane and tragic sometimes. but it is something i choose. Diet is one thing to watch out for.. and of course having a good gym partner is a must to give you that extra boost to make you concentrate on your workouts..i’m very fortunate that i have the best gym partner in the world!

I have to eat rabbit / bird food every morning! First meal of the day, but it’s a necessity.

Anyway, while i digress about my sad sad healthy diet.. i want you to win something from me!! Check this out

I have this game called the RedFM Quick Workout, where you step o the RedFM Threadmill with me and burn a crazy amount of calories in the shortest period.. This game happens at the 12pm hour every weekday and you just need to call me at 0377281049 when i give the cue to call and answer as many questions as you can in 30seconds.  Then i will reward you with this!


Fitness First LOSE IT! Package worth RM600!!

 Lose IT! Program’s details as followed

  • Full membership access like normal member – all classes, steam and sauna, and hot yoga, excluding some services as designated by Fitness First (excluding rent DVD)
  • Free 2 Lose IT! guidebooks: Body Guide and Body Journal
  • 3 Personal Training sessions (valued at RM300)
  • Lose IT! 2 Fitness books (valued at RM100)
  • Special Lose IT! Team Workout class especially designed to optimize  calories burning within a short period

Is your interest peaked?? Jom win this! and workout with me ^_^

Here’s the thing there is no fast way to lose weight. I can testify to that. i’ve been yo-yoing with my weight and size for many years. But it till when i made the mental decision to want to be fit and healthy, that it’s slowly changing my life.. for the better!

Fitness First hastens the progress with the launch of its exclusive weight loss program, Lose It! That will help individuals lose up to 10 lbs in 4 weeks. Still find it incredulous, then check out this video for a better explanation.

Lose It! is a fitness plan that aims to help different individuals attain their short-term weight loss goals in a matter of weeks. Whatever the motivation is, Lose It! can help participants look good, stay healthy, be more energized, or get back to that desired dress size through the different exercise routines.

“We understand that time is now a luxury with people living multiple lives balancing their careers, families and friends and because of this, health and fitness have taken the back seat. With the introduction of Fitness First’s Lose It!, we will be able to provide people with a quick and effective work-out solution for individuals on the go”, said Mark Ellis, Fitness First Country Manager.

Lose It! was developed by The Biggest Loser Asia Trainer for two seasons and Fitness First’s Regional Fitness Manager, Dave Nuku and supported by Fitness First Regional Group Training Exercise Manager, Jacqueline Wong. The program was built to work for all body types. It’s designed to provide access to a defined period with a clear objective and an end result in mind. Lose It! is a flexible and personal exercise plan based on the individual’s weight loss goal versus the number of times he/she can commit to going to the gym.

The best part about this program is that it is determined and tailored fitted to one’s personal weight desire and needs, for instance, losing as much as 10 lbs in 4 weeks. “We developed the Lose It! Program for people who are currently not enrolled in a gym but are looking for a fast and effective way of losing weight,” said Dave Nuku, “ Aside from access to the gym, the program offers a Lose It! Body guide, body journal, three one hour one to one personal training sessions and team work out sessions. The team work out is a full hour of complete training that helps to improve cardiovascular, strength and flexibility of a person. It’s an exercise class done in groups which is fun and challenging. The exercises include games, plyometrics and circuit training.”

So if you want to win this Fitness First Package, then make a workout date with me on the RedFM Quick Workout by tuning in to RedFM 104.9 in Kuala Lumpur at the 12pm hour. Save this number into your phone 0377281049 and call me up then! Hope to talk to you soon!

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