Leg Workout 5 - Linora Low
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Leg Workout 5

Leg Workout 5

After a week of not doing any leg workouts.. i finally got to complete my workout cycle. It felt entirely wrong knowing that i didn’t have a leg workout slotted into my week. >.< So here’s what i did today.

Cross Ramp
15 minute warm up


Hex squat

Hack Squat Hack Squat

100lbs –  15 reps
200lbs  – 15 reps
200lbs – 20 reps

free squats one minute

Walking lunges
12kg super with free squats 1 minute

Dumbbell Walking Lunges Dumbbell Walking Lunges

Leg Press

Leg Press Leg Press

55lbs – 15 reps
65lbs – 15 reps
65lbs – 15 reps

sumo squat one minute


Abduction machine

(22.7kg  + 15lbs ) 15 Reps 3 set

Thigh Abductor Thigh Abductor


Adduction machine

22.7kg  15 Reps 3 set

Thigh Adductor Thigh Adductor

Cable crunch

15kg 100

Cable Crunch Cable Crunch


Hanging leg raises 100

Knee Hip Raise On Parallel Bars Knee Hip Raise On Parallel Bars

 Ab crunches 300

Crunches Crunches

Finish it off with 30minute cardio


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