Chest Circuit Workout #1 - Linora Low
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Chest Circuit Workout #1

Chest Circuit Workout #1

Today was Chest day and here i did a chest circuit. The routine is down below and if you need any help of you are uncertain of any of the exercises, just give me a holler in the comments below ^_^.



15minutes on the threadmill and 20 minutes on the crossramp.



1. Smith Machine Chest Press 35lbs of 40 reps alternating with 1 minute of Mountain Climber.

Smith Machine Bench Press Smith Machine Bench Press



2. Incline Chest Press 35lbs of 30 reps alternate with 1 minute of Burpee.

Smith Machine Incline Bench Press Smith Machine Incline Bench Press

3. Assisted Dips 26kg of 25 reps alternating with 1 minute Cable Crunch with 15kg resistance.
** Tip – when you’re doing the dips, lean forward a bit, till you feel the tension at your chest area and not so much on your triceps.
** Tip 2 – for the cable crunch, try to curl up into a ball as much as you can. You would feel the effect more. Just for variation sake , you can always add a twist to the crunch.

Dip Dip
Cable Crunch Cable Crunch

4. Dumbbell Fly 4kg of 15 reps alternating with 1 minute of Knee Raises

Dumbbell Fly Dumbbell Fly


Parallel bar Knee Raises 20 x 5

Knee Hip Raise On Parallel Bars Knee Hip Raise On Parallel Bars


Crunches 500

Crunches Crunches


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