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Bala’s Holiday’s Chalet

Bala’s Holiday’s Chalet

The thing about me.. is I love being spontaneous and I love going on little mini journeys. The last time I went on a bike ride it was up to Genting, just to have breakfast at Coffee Bean. That was the first time i went on a superbike ride.. and boy was that fun!

This time, me and a couple of friends rode the superbike up all the way to Cameron Highlands just to have scones and tea! Hehe you need some adventures in life every once in a while. It was a 2 hour bike ride up – and that’s just one way.

Before heading up, we made a pit stop at the Capati Stall at Tapah. I’m still getting used to the idea of riding to places for hours.. just to makan.. It boggles my brain.

After a 2 hour bike ride up – which was extremely windy by the way – we finally reached Bala’s Chalet Hotel & Restaurant. I remember passing by this area before but never got the chance to check the place out.Let me just say..I fell in love with the place. This place was once an all girls school.. can you believe it?

Bala’s Chalet is one of the oldest colonial buildings built during the pre-war era and has been preserved in its original structure till today. Opened as a boarding school 1934 for European expatriate children as a branch of the more famous Tanglin school in Singapore, it began with 150 pupils and 22 qualified teachers all recruited from England. 


The compound is surrounded by flora and fauna. If your eyes ever needed a rest from the computer this would be the spot to go to. The place is set in a very country English theme.. it reminded me of the time i went to Lake District in the UK.


With my imagination running wild, doesn’t this make you think of Narnia or some fantasy mystical story. Lush greenery with with flowers peeking out from the vines and clay pots that look like hold secrets… Everything looked magical and then suddenly i spotted something that seemed out of place, but it also gave Bala’s Chalet a sense of dangerous mystery. Right in the middle of the compound there was a… umm well.. something they used years ago to torture people. i forgot what it’s called.. but if you know what it is tell it to me in the comments below. ^_^


Here are the ever famous scones and tea at Bala’s Chalet. Walk into the cozy  Jim Thompson Tea Room from 2:30pm – 6:00pm and have yourself home baked tea & scones, apple and strawberry pies served with vanilla ice cream, scrumptious chicken pies and varieties of sandwiches. Just look at those big yummy scones.. aii there goes the diet >.<


As you sit in the quiet cool calmness, let your eyes roam at the splendors of nature!


Doesn’t this place also remind you of the book “The Secret Garden”?
Going indoors, here we have the lovely TV room area, which reminds me a lot of the interior of british India. The place has been refurbished but the original Tudor concept is still being preserved so much so that old girls of the school have returned to pleasantly find they could recognize the music room, the dining room…
Bala’s Holiday Chalet has 30 cottage style rooms offering good value for money to travelers. The peace and tranquility combined with the natural surrounding makes it a spot that is just the thing you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Away from the noise and away from work!
I imagine myself as Goldilocks hehhe from the bed time tale Goldilocks and The Three Bears!
Yes i took a lot of pictures cause i just love sceneries like this ^_^

 When you are free do check out Bala’s Chalet. That concludes my lil mini adventure. Tell me what you think of the place in the comments below. Would you want to go here?

(T/A Raffles Country Inn (M) Sdn Bhd)

Lot 55, Tanah Rata, 39000 Cameron Highlands
Pahang, Malaysia
Tel : 05-4911660 | Fax: 05-4914500

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