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Crumbs at Pavilion

Crumbs at Pavilion

Being a very health conscious person, I’m very picky with my food. Even more so when it comes to desserts, because I do admit to having a sweet tooth. So when I was told I would be trying out Crumbs a new frozen yoghurt kiosk in Pavilion, I didn’t hesitate in saying… yay!!!

I love frozen yoghurt or also famously known as froyo. It is not the most sinful thing in the world, and it’s also great for your tummy especially when you have a bit of ahem issues. Crumbs originated from Hong Kong. A real popular dessert there and it’s also known for it’s cute square scones which come in 3 flavours. The Crumbs in Pavilion is the one and only outlet in Malaysia. Brought down by two people Ronnie and Jamie. Would you believe that they are both solicitors!


Crumbs has 24 toppings for you to choose from. I personally love the Raspberry, Granola and the Strawberries! ooooo nice!
Eeeee so cute la the mini meringue!
strategizing how to make a good looking Froyo that also tastes good but healthy too… yes i’m competitive and a health nut lol.
Getting ready to make my own Froyo!! a yummy yummy one wheee hehehehe love Froyo!
Here’s finished product, the Red Froyo!!! hehe well done Isaac!
Time for the judges to deliberate.. eeekkkk scared..
A shot as the winners of the yoghurt presentation, Can’t believe the Red Froyo won!! fwuuuaahhhh

There was special arrangement made together with, where bloggers and i had a bonding session by making our very own yoghurt. Well decorating it at least! We had so much fun..



The minimum purchase of 3 pieces and you may combine any of this three in it. Taste: 4/5 Price: 2.90 each

Have you ever tried? Chocolate and Cheese scones? i haven’t… but when i did it was super yummy!

here’s everyone! All the bloggers, together with the pink girls from and the peeps at Crumbs!


P1.11.04, Level 1, Pavilion KL (near the Pavillion Food Republic)

Tel: 603-21416020 Tel: 012-2051970 (CEO: Jaymie)

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