Win Happy Feet 2 Movie Passes! - Linora Low
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Win Happy Feet 2 Movie Passes!

Win Happy Feet 2 Movie Passes!


They are soooo adorable and cute and chubby and … gahhhh too cute. I’m having a cute overdose seizure lol.

Anyway let me get my head together! RedFM is giving away tickets to see this epically cute movie!



How can you say no to this face!! OMGOSH!!

Check out the trailer here!

Wanna win 4 passes? Then play the RedFM Quick Workout but be sure to knowhow to answer my questions. ^_^ These are my possible questions heheh

1. The movie is about penguins? true or false?
2. There are two happy feet movies? true or false?
3. The name of the main penguin is Erik? true or false?
4. The penguins can sing and dance ? true or false?
5. Elijah Wood plays the voice of Mumble, Erik’s father? true or false?
6. The song “Sexyback” was sung by the penguins? true or false?
7. Mighty Sven is a penguin who can fly? true or false?

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