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Bid and Win on

Bid and Win on

Gadgets are expensive i tell you. Everything is within the thousands and it really doesn’t help when you’re a geek and gadget hungry fan like myself. But recently Mei Sze told me of a new site where i can bid for gadgets and all sort of other stuff and just pay a fraction of the price. The site is called, a sister site of Singapore’s largest entertainment shopping site, is an exciting, innovative and reliable website catered especially for the Malaysian community! As the premier lifestyle site, you will find the hottest tech gadgets, hotel stays, travel deals and female must-haves to complement your daily living.



It’s a legitimate bidding website from Singapore where you can basically “win” the latest products at the cheapest price. Now the thing is, you really need to spend a bit of time on the site in order to win something. That is the honest truth. Of late i’m real busy so i don’t have the luxury to sit and fight to win something. But Mei Sze and Tim from MHB have assured me that it is easy, safe and fun! And one can easily win.. you just have to be patient.

Well i will take their word for it because the two of them have already won stuff from! Mei Sze won an edifier.. an edifier!!!! for just RM1.20 oo you lucky girl.. while Tim won a Coach wristley for 0.68 cents

This is what Mei Sze won and she just told me yesterday that her edifier arrived within a week. oHMYGOSH so fast!!! That’s awesome.

Like i said i don’t have the luxury during the day to try it out but maybe i will tonight and i’ll try to win something! ^_^So here i come.. tonight i shall bid and win stuff!

OH and this is how it works.

  1. First you register and login
  2. Go and get some tokens so that you can start bidding. You are entitled to a certain amount of bids, so it’s fair and everyone gets a chance
  3. once you’ve bought your tokens, start bidding! Then just wait for the magic to happen lol

This is what i want!! Do you think you can outbid me? hehe

Check out the site at !!

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