Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 - Linora Low
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Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011

Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011

 What is blogging?

I’ll make it clean and simple, by just saying that it is an activity that allows you to jot down your thoughts and life experiences.  It’s an online platform where you get to exercise freedom of speech ranging from good, sophisticated speech to the downright rude crude words. I did say it was freedom of speech. ^_^

I’ve been in the blogging sphere for a while now and i’ve had the wonderful honour of meeting quite inga lot of people due to blogging. So when i first told that i would be interviewing peers in the blogging world on my show on RedFM, i was really ecstatic.

and this is the first time i’m going to be attending a blog award! A red carpet blog event.. fuyoh!!


And now i’m giving away some party passes to the After Party at Zouk KL! Do you want to go for the party and get hooked up with a pretty blogger 😛  kidding.

Then tune into me all this week on 104.9 in the Klang Valley. Am giving away the party passes at the 2PM hour!

Two years ago, the best of the best in the blogosphere were celebrated with the inaugural Asia-Pacific Blog Awards, and now, Nuffnang is honoured to be bringing the regional awards ceremony back, this time to Malaysian shores!

Come 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers and guests from all over the Asia-Pacific region will once again take to the red carpet, and be treated to a night of fine dining and brilliant entertainment in Kuala Lumpur, the bustling metropolitan capital of Malaysia. Aside from being honoured for their hard work and contribution to the blogosphere, they will also get the opportunity to tour the city and experience the unique Malaysian culture for themselves.

All of this week i had the chance to meet these amazing bloggers and interview them during my show at the 2pm hour on RedFM

Let me intro you to them

1.Monday – Huai Bin from
Nominated for Best Lifestyle Blog

I’ve stumbled across his blog a couple of times in the past and met him briefly at blogger events. Was  a real treat to sit down and have a proper chit chat session with him. Wow he’s got such a colourful history. He had a lot of stories to tell me, but sadly i couldn’t put all of them on air. like the time he went to Rehab!

2. Tuesday – Ken Wooi from 
Nominated for Hidden Gem blog


An IT guy by profession, he’s a real hidden gem! His writing style is really funny. i like how he puts little truths in life in a humorous manner on his blog. You’ll get a good laugh from his blog!

3.Wednesday – Joyce aka Kinky Blue Fairy from  
Nominated for Best Lifestyle Blog

i really love her fashion sense and everytime i dye my hair, i would end up thinking about Joyce. lol. She’s like the queen of different hairstyles. Love the silver slip on jacket she had during the interview! Plus she’s cute as a button.. did u see her Carebear costume!?

4.Thursday – Ringo Tan aka Cheesie from  
Nominated for Best Fashion Blog

She’s as cute as a button and i love how free she is with her words on her blog. Funny and with an awesome fashion sense. It’s no wonder she’s nominated as the best Fashion Blogger in Malaysia! im’ rooting for you girl!!

5.Friday – Ahmad Nazuwan aka Abang Nara from  
Nominated for Best Entertainment Blog & Most Influential Blog

Awww he was so nervous at first and he is the only blogger with two nominations.. again!! Yes he was in the first blogger awards and he’s back again! Here’s hoping you get at least one of the titles this year man! And did you know that he studied and lived in Korea for 7 years.. his Korean is fluent and I had the pleasure of being thought a few conversational words from him. Stay tune for the video hehhee. And you did great for the interview man!
hope to see you at the blogging red carpet!
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