Merry Christmas 2011 - Linora Low
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Merry Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas.. last night was a fabulous time with my family at SOULed OUT Hartamas.

For Christmas Eve this year i was working..

You can say i was trying to kill two birds with one stone. i was playing Santarina Emcee for the night at the SOULed OUT North Pole Christmas Party. By the way what do you think of my Santarina outfit! My very first one!


Wow it was really decorated like the north pole! i saw Frosty the snowman and huge huge huge candy canes!

and there were presents hung up ..aww

There were also mischievous elves  around that night.. and honestly i think they were confused elves… cause they had little antlers on their heads 😛 They were really cheeky, whenever i asked them questions they would either reply in silence or they would break into dance. They were really good at dancing too lol. They also couldn’t stop posing for all the cameras that night.

Throughout the night i read

Lets just say we drank the night away hahhaahaa.. my poor poor sister 😛

And ate lots of cookies!

And fought for the cookies!

 It was quite a night and the party was mad on the dancefloor

after a while i went out to change into my second outfit of the night. A classy sexy off shoulder dress, all thanks to the online store Do check them out. They have the prettiest dresses around ^_^


At the end of the night, everyone at SOULed OUT held a candle and the restaurant was filled with the wonderful sight of a sea of lights. Which brings me to the closure of this post. Hope was born on Christmas Day and that is the very reason we have Christmas.. because Christ was brought into the world. So that the darkness maybe removed.. and there would be light in the world.

The night was a fabulous one and i don’t think it could’ve been any better.. Sure i could’ve spent more time with the family but at least we were altogether to bring in  Christmas day.

Happy Holidays everyone!
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