Circuit Day - Linora Low
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Circuit Day

Circuit Day



breakfast:  oats with wholemeal cornflakes and raisins

Snack: 1 guava

late lunch: veggie and two spoons of tuna, protein bar

Dinner: Ceaser Salad with grilled chicken, diced tomatoes and portobello mushrooms. No dressing no croutons



Cardio 10 minute steady run on 8.8

1 set = burpee alternate with  knee raise = 1min-1min-45secs
2 set = pushup + jump lunge + dynamic squat + tri push up  = 1 minute
 jump lunge+ dynamic squat+pushup +jumpin squat = 45secs
dynamic squat+pushup+jump lunge +pushup = 30secs

Ab Variation = 200 but slow

Ab incline crunch at 10lbs 100 reps

Finish it off with 20 min cardio = 10 walk with 6% incline, Run on 6k/h

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