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Kenny Rogers Roasters RED Day is Back 2012

Kenny Rogers Roasters RED Day is Back 2012

Do you love chicken? I DO I DO I DO!

Working out a lot means i need to fuel my body with protein, which is why chicken is pretty much my basic white meat that i consume on a daily basis. Cooking and grilling at home is great. But every once in a while it’s good to switch it up, and especially when i don’t have time and i just want something fast and healthy. I can tell you walking around in Kuala Lumpur, it is very hard to find healthy food.

Which is why i’m delighted there are outlets like Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR)! Roasted chicken – with less salt, less fat and less calories.. making my tummy and my conscience worry free!

So Chinese New Year is happening on the 23rd and to celebrate this festive season KRR is also getting into the mood by going RED!


Yeap this very “ong” day is back and here’s some history bout RED Day.

Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR) is all about good eating and healthy living. They want you to celebrate health and wealth too. So whoever wears a RED item  to any KRR outlet , you’ll get  get two (2) Kenny’s Quarter Meals for the price of one.* COOLNESS!

But this only happens on one day which is the RED Day. This special day lands  on the 2nd week of January ( 11th January this year by the way)

So make sure you wear something RED next Wednesday and walk into any KRR outlet.. Jom i go in with you and makan hehe.



It doesn’t end there for the Chines New Year season.

Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR) launches the brand new Dynasty Chicken and a new range of three delightful milkshakes, available at KRR restaurants nationwide, for a limited time only.


Launched just last year, the Golden Orange Muffin is only available during the festive season. The fluffy texture of the Golden Orange Muffin, coupled with the zesty flavour of sun ripened oranges is reminiscent of many treats served during the season’s festivities. It has been a favourite amongst our guests during the festive season.



You can compliment the wholesome meal with one of the three refreshing and unique, milkshakes at KRR. The creamy and delectable Choc Fun Milkshake; the fruity delight of the Berrynana Milkshake and last but not least, the pinnacle of chocolate decadence – the Double Choc Milkshake. All milkshakes are bound to end your festive meal with on a sweet and satisfying note. My personal favourite was between the Berrynana and the Choc Fun..


Available for a limited time only, the Dynasty Chicken is priced at RM17.90*, and the milkshakes at RM11.90* each. . *Price varies at Genting Highlands.



 I happen to be giving away Kenny Rogers Roasters Vouchers worth RM100 all of next week! Tell your friends and win it by just answering any one of the questions.

Now i’m going to ask any one of these so make sure you know the answer. ^_^

1) What does RED stand for?

2) RED takes place on the 2nd Wednesday of every January. True or False?

3) When will RED be taking place this year?
ANSWER: 11 January 2012

4) Celebrate life and vitality by wearing what colour to Kenny Rogers ROASTERS on ROASTERS
Eating Day?

5) By wearing the colour RED to any Kenny Rogers ROASTERS restaurant, you are entitled to two
(2) Kenny’s Quarter Meals for the price of one (1). True or False?

6) RED is set to remind and re-charge the public’s motivation for their health goals for the year.
True or False?

Join me on REDFM Eleven to Three by tuning in to RedFM 104.9 in Kuala Lumpur at the 1PM Hour. Save this number into your phone 33988 and when i give you the cue to sms text in my instructions. ^_^ All the best and i’ll be waiting for your sms. hehehe


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