Grameen Uniqlo - Let's End Poverty Together - Linora Low
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Grameen Uniqlo – Let’s End Poverty Together

Grameen Uniqlo – Let’s End Poverty Together

Uniqlo has great clothes.

No doubt about that.. but you know what makes fashion apparel even cooler? It’s when they fight for a cause . I’m real big and all for brands that want to their part in society. Think this feeling stems off from the days when I used to be a brand planner at my old advertising agency…

Anyway sorry reminiscing for a moment.

Uniqlo has great clothes and they have great clothes with causes!

I was browsing through the usual Uniqlo selections and of course early promotions which I blogged about here… okies they got the heattech range.. they’ve got the super comfy jeans..

Then I came across this aisle.



A bunch of Tees that had wordings on them. Here’s the thing.. I’m a creative creature and I love T shirts with wordings on them.. especially when the words or quotes happen to either be witty or have a meaning behind them. Yeah I love quotes from people ^_^ a


Flipping through the shirts.. even the neck tag had a cool line. Check this out.


The objective of Grameen is to spread the awareness on poverty. You it is true in the great economical scale (wahhh sound so cangging.. but actually I failed in economics 😛 ) the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.. let’s try to end that.


Which is why I love the white shirt here.

So if you want to fight for a cause and yet still be fashionable.. go to uniqlo and get one of these tees.

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