Win a Trip to The Grammys With RedFM!!!!! - Linora Low
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Win a Trip to The Grammys With RedFM!!!!!

Win a Trip to The Grammys With RedFM!!!!!

This has got to be the biggest news and most exciting one i’ve ever heard on RedFM. Ok we’ve sent someone to see Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift overseas. Sure concerts are great.. but can you beat this..


is sending










The Grammy’s baby!! oh my gosh! i still can’t believe two lucky people are going to be given the chance to be flown all the way to Los Angeles and watch the Grammy.

Imagine yourself watching this for real.


Imagine yourself in the same room as all the celebrities that you always see on TV.


Imagine yourself screaming for Katy Perry, Rihanna, Bruno Mars…Jonas Brothers???


Imagine this the banner you made for Beyonce saying I love your baby could be really seen by her.


Imagine yourself throwing your very own water bottle with a T-Shirt at Justin Bieber…. It’ll be the talk of the Grammys!

And this could all come true.


  1. When you hear the cue to SMS which is “OMG I’m going to the @#!@$ Grammy.
  2. Then immediately text this. RED<space>GRAMMYS<space>FULL NAME <space> IC send it to 33988.
  3. Wait for your name to be called on the radio!!! We will announce 4 “nominees”.
  4. Call me back immediately 0377281049. The first person that calls me will have to give me their BEST ACCEPTANCE SPEECH.
  5. And there you are in the running to go to the GRAMMYS!!!

So do do do listen up for this once in lifetime chance!!! ^_^

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