Happy Chinese New Year 2012 - Linora Low
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Happy Chinese New Year 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012

Taking a time out from everything else to wish you all Happy New Year of the Dragon 2012! May this Year of the Dragon be one that is filled with good health, wealth, prosperity and happiness for all of you.

Chinese New Year is just like any other celebration for me. Traditions are not a huge thing in my family… or rather things have changed over the years. The days when it was all about how many ang paos you would receive and trying all sorts of different cookies to fill your belly – have passed. I still collect ang paos, but counting the amount inside the packets is not the main point anymore. And cookies… oh my gosh.. they are evil for my body lol! Even if it is just for one day, you gorge yourself with “rubbish” food, it’s equivalent to spending 2 weeks in the gym to burn it all off.. ah yes.. i’m a health addict. 😛


What i really enjoy now.. is spending time with my family. Out of all the reunion dinners i’ve had in my life for Chinese New Year, this is probably the best one. It was a simple one with awesome food cooked by my mom and just the immediate family were present. We had a great time just sharing laughs and memories from the past.. And I think that’s what celebrations should be about.. creating new memories with your loved ones.

Here’s to a fantastic Chinese New Year for the year 2012! Huggies!!

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