Overcheating Means Punishments - Linora Low
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Overcheating Means Punishments

Overcheating Means Punishments

Last week was Chinese New Year and it was a horrendous horrendous week of cheating. When I say cheat, I really really went all out in cheating..

Now here’s something of a shocker.. I EAT!!

I do and just cause i workout does not mean i get to over eat or I get to eat whatever i want and how much of whatever i want.

People can make fun and say “oh.. Linora’s allergic to food” or  “Oh Linora is nuts”. Yes i do admit that i am strict with my diet, i do it because i know my body and i know what happens when i let go. I know where my weaknesses are when it comes to eating and that is why i’m strict and fussy about my diet. Some people do not understand for a simple reason, they do not see the need to want to take care of their diet. Just a random rambling thought..

While i am strict, there are days where i let go…

So where was .. ah yes last week was a massive cheat week and yesterday was just nuts.. i’m not going to state it but i’ll just admit that i cheated a lot in my food and type of food intake. >.<

Today to ease my guilt, i went on a partial liquid diet.

Morning: oats + walnuts + macadamia nuts. 
Snack: Green tea Venti latte with soy milk and very little sugar
Snack/Post workout:  Royal booster – Beetroot, green apple and Chlorophyll  & Body Builder Smoothie – Banana, strawberry, soy milk and low fat berry yoghurt.



Cardio 60 mins
Ab crunches 500
Plank 2min-1min-1min

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