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Joe Brooks Trio In Malaysia

Joe Brooks Trio In Malaysia

I’m sure you all know who sang this song.

and the JOE BROOKS TRIO are going to be performing it live in Malaysia on 3rd March at KL Live. This is the first time they’ve touched our Malaysian soil and wow it was an honour to meet the three boys.

From Left to Right – Matt de La Garza  (the drummer) , Clinton Babers (the keyboardist) and of course Joe Brooks himself (vocalist and guitarist).

1st of March was the live on air interview. It was a superbly fun interview session at the studio as the boys chit chatted with Ally and some listeners who called in. Towards the end of the interview, the Joe Brooks Trio sang the latest track “Till My Heart Stops Beating”. I managed to get a recording of the live performance. I found it hilarious that Joe was practically kissing the microphone. I gotta tell ya the boys are one crazy, fun trio.


2nd of March – Was the press conference at 3pm-4pm followed by the meet and greet session at 8pm-10pm. This was all at Segi College Subang Jaya. It was a nice cozy private area and we really got to the know the boys better.

Had a great time asking them stuff like their favourite sport, how would they present themselves if they had their own radio show, wat would they be if they could be any furniture in the world. Lol. some real weird questions but it was a fun time. Wanna hear their answers? Video coming up soon. 🙂

Taking a moment to strike a pose with the vain vain magnificent multitalented Joe Brooks lol. That’s how he would intro himself on radio.. i cut the down the adjectives to half ok!! 😛 Right after that though i was shocked to realised i had been picked up (literally) by Clinton… Needless to say, Joe had to prove his muscular strength too. I felt like the dumbbells at the gym >.< But it was a hilarious moment.

The meet and greet session with the Joe Brooks Trio fans was a chaotic fun time. We played a simple game of picking five people and then they had to do a charades with the boys. Their reward, a Joe Brooks T-Shirt! And i got one too hehe.

Will be hosting their concert on the 3rd of March at KL Live. It’s gonna be an awesome night again! Will you be there? ^_^

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