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Uniqlo UT Orla Kiely Collection

Uniqlo UT Orla Kiely Collection

Little green apples and little leaves but in different colours hehe.. I can’t help but think of my mom when i saw the new Uniqo Collection by Orla Kiely.

Reminds of me mum because she loves patterns like these, plus my mom is bubbly person like myself. In fact when i showed her my new top she said ooooo Thats so me. hahaha see told you my mom loves clothes like these ūüėõ

This was the top i wore today. I really like it.. Plus it suits Saint Patrick’s Day which is happening on 17th and 18th of March! Doncha think? Makes me all cheery, bubbly and¬†all appley¬†inside. ^_^

Here’s another one of the Orla Kiely tops, which i wore at the Laura Mercier Lingerie makeup Event. Big bright circles and colours to bring out the sweetness in anyone hehe.


It has a very 70s feel with the repetitive patterns and the bright colours.Personally for me, i love clothes that have cheery colours. I tend to dress according to my mood. Usually if i’m feeling down i’ll end up wearing black but i have decided to do the reverse. If I happen to be feeling dreary and moody wear something thats colourful. By my theory it should be able to perk up my mood ^_^

Go check out the collection when you have time, or you can browse here or their facebook page.

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