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Uniqlo BraTops and Camisoles

Uniqlo BraTops and Camisoles

I’m really in love with Uniqlo’s Bra Tops for many good reasons. When i first saw them on the displays , i thought twice about buying them cause they were i have to admit a little expensive. Plus with the material that soft and thin, i really wondered whether it would be good enough to cover well the necessary area properly.
Went in the changing room to give them a try and it was love at first sight. Hehe. I must say it shows off the curves of a body real well. no? ^_^ The one i’m wearing below is actually called the stripped Women Bra Camisole.
What are the great parts about buying a Bra Top?
  1. In-Built Bra
    The most obvious reasons. Sewed in to the top is a padded bra. Gives your area a good curve, support and covers up real well. Best part, no need to wear a bra!! Yay. no more bra pudges – you know when the bra band cuts into your skin and it shows the extra part of your skin like a tyre.. sorry long description. No more having to bother about the cup size. Its kinda like a one size fits all.
  2. Lightweight & Thin
    Fantastic when you go traveling, cause it won’t take up too much space or make your bag heavy.  The material is very easy to wash and dries up super fast. So if you spill something you can wash it and dry it up fast. Travelling also gives you an easy job for this wash and wear top. Great for when you workout cause the sweat just dries up and doesn’t stay soak on the top.
  3. Adjustable Straps
    The straps are narrow and adjustable so you can make it looser for a more comfortable feel or tighter to give your hills a little uplift.
  4. Body Hugging
    Excellent if you want to show of your figure and it’s the right length too. Just below the waist. It has a nice slimming effect hehe.

I’ve used it a couple of times myself now for even workouts at the gym. I can vouch that they are excellent tops.

 i’m wearing another Uniqlo Bratop here called the Woman Sleeveless Bratop. Not as thin or lightweight but just as good. This one is made out of cotton and i really love the colour  of this particular top. A bright salmon pink.

Great when you’re going for holidays.. no need to worry about packing a bra!


Just be careful with the bra pads la, don’t damage them or squash them to oblivion. Same like normal bras just make sure that you take care of them when you place them inside your bag. So should you get these tops. Worth the RM79.90, yeap totally worth the amount. ^_^ Checkout the other tops here.
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