Sunshine Kebab - Linora Low
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Sunshine Kebab

Sunshine Kebab

I’m big on places that have healthy food because they aren’t easy to find. Keeping to diet that works best for you in KL is the worse thing ever. Simply because food that is cooked in healthy way like grilled/steamed/baked are not readily available. So when i see one that fits to my diet, i’m eager to share! If ever you happen to be in Sunway Pyramid and you don’t want to eat something too heavy and you need to be fast at the same time. Try checking out Sunshine Kebab!

This originated from Australia and it’s been around since 1988. A dynamic kebab fast food retailer that maintains a totally classic healthy approach to traditional kebabs and Mediterranean cuisine.

What i love about it, it’s a wrap! My favourite kind of “fast food’, the healthier version. They come in two manners. Normal kebabs and kebabs that have chips wrapped inside with the rest of your filling.


Just like Subway you get to pick whatever fillings you desire for your kebab. When they take your order they tick off each little thing on this menu sticker. You can op for either chicken/ beef or both. I might warn that they charge extra on jalapenos, cheese and olives. What makes Sunshine Kebab better than Subway’s wrap? It’s cheaper by RM5 and a lot more meat, in my opinion. Altogether my combo was about RM10.

I’ll give you the comparison. Totally worth the amount you pay for. Just too bad they are only available in Sunway Pyramid and Subang Parade.

Subway Wrap Sunshine Kebab
Roasted Chicken RM11.50
Teriyaki Chicken RM10.50
Chicken ala carte RM7.50
Beef Ala carte RM9.50


Sunshine Kebab at Sunway Pyramid gets my thumbs up. Go see the Sunshine Kebab Facebook page for more details.

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