Agent 7.7 Mission 4 Concludes.. - Linora Low
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Agent 7.7 Mission 4 Concludes..

Agent 7.7 Mission 4 Concludes..


Behind a gargoyle, he discovered a bomb. He now has 58minutes and 23seconds until the explosion!

 Minutes ago, he heard the deafening sounds. Was the room under attack. Protect the GALAXY Tab 7.7 at all cost. all the information was in it. If it got destroyed, everything would have been for nothing. He had to find away to now just get himself out of there but everyone else as well. Hundred of people would be hurt and all the important ambassadors in the world would be killed. Was this what Lana and Agent S had in mind. They wanted to create a world that was in pure chaos?
He had to stop it some how some way…it had to do something with the white haired man he saw before..The time was now only another 45minutes left. Without much thought, Agent 7.7 quickly grab the bomb, wrapped it with his jacket and ran for his life.

Determine what happens next! Click here [linkto:] .
Submit what you think should happen to Agent 7.7. 
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