An Interview Session with Peter Schmeichel - Linora Low
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An Interview Session with Peter Schmeichel

An Interview Session with Peter Schmeichel

Yesterday night i had the wonderful pleasure again of meeting Peter Schmeichel. I met him briefly at the launch of the EUFA EURO 2012 Media Event launch (highly doubt he remembered me lol, but it’s all good ^_^ ). He had a very busy schedule of going around KL yesterday to meet and great fans and of course to share with fans how Carlsberg has appointed him as the EURO 2012 global ambassador.

Personally i have to say it was a bit hard to do the interview cause it wasn’t in private room but we made the best of it. Here’s the one on one session with him and if the audio is a little bit hard to hear. The transcript is at the bottom of it.

Linora: After retiring from football professional, what do you do now to keep up with a healthy lifestyle?

Peter: it’s always in fitness it’s hard work. one of the most important thing is discipline and do some exercise. What i used to do everyday, sometimes even more than once in a day.. When you’re not a professional athelete you don’t need to do that. I go to the gym twice a week, mountain biking a couple of times a week, i make sure i eat right – i balance everything. I don’t drink alcohol everyday and the rest of my time I play golf! 🙂


Linora: You’ve gone through vigorous training as a professional football player. If fans wanted to try your training at home, is there a kind of basic training that you can recommend?

Peter: They can’t! if you are a footballer you do training that is suited for football and even today, the science of training has evolved. You’re only training exactly what you need for football. If you do long distant running, you do swimming is another training. For professional athelete’s is one thing for people who don’t make a living like us it’s another, but the best advice i can give, is go to your local fitness centre and speak to their experts and get advice from them. Cause we live a different kind of life


Linora: How would you encourage people to stay or live healthy?

Peter: First of all live healthy, eat well, drink in moderation, i think to stay healthy you have to have a balance lifestyle. You can go crazy and there are days where you an do nothing wrong.. well not exactly, you don’t cheat too much. Most importantly do some exercise. It doesn’t have to be fitness centric. Just do some exercise, whatever that suits to you. Do that, it’s good! 


Linora: How do you push yourself through difficult time? What motivates you?

Peter: It’s all about having a target, a goal! Just take when i played for Denmark, you know if I cheat here and don’t do this, i never would’ve played for the national team or even played for England. Have a target all the time, if you cheat, you know you are cheating your goals. 


Linora: Do you have any words for the younger generation who want to be future football players?

Peter: Work hard! and have a GOAL. Never cheat, cause if you do you cheat yourself. Cause at the end of the day, the general public don’t care about you, they care about those who makes it. If you cheat, you’re only cheating yourself, not anybody else.


Questions from the fans
Kenny ng asks: Is it true you were once a striker and then you changed to a goalkeeper. And how do you train as a goalkeeper?

Peter: Nope it’s not true. How do you train as a goalkeeper, is a big question, cause everything is so individual for a goalkeeper. For me i did everything all the other players would do and then i did my training with my goalkeeper coach after that. It really depends on what kind of person you are, what kind of goalkeeper you are, you do the training to that. My philosophy is improve what you are good at, keep working to be better. Not spend so much time working on what you’re really bad at, cause at the end of the day you have a talent and if you improve the talent, you may not have to bo too good with the bad stuff.


Stan Ley kam: Is there any other club you would want to play for, other than your dream club Manchester United? 

Peter: Nope no other club! 


So glad to hear that!! I find his answer on working towards your talent very relatable. Even more for me sometimes i wanna do everything but the thing is i can’t. I end up then looking at the things that i can’t do, try doing it only to realise that i suck at it. By then my good qualities haven’t been nurtured enough that i lose that positive skill too.

Hope you enjoyed the interview, i apologise again cause of the bad quality. But at least you get to “Read” his answers. ^_^

I have to make a special thanks to Acorn Communications and of course Carlsberg Malaysia for giving me this once in a lifetime chance to talkt to this walking legend. Honestly i was pretty nervous talking to him and the whole time all i could think was.. hooowwmmmmyygaasshh don’t say anything dumb! lol. Hope you like the interview! ^_^

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