Monday Workout April 16 - Linora Low
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Monday Workout April 16

Monday Workout April 16

Monday has come and gone but before the the sun comes up for Tuesday. Just want to share with you an intense workout i did today. I have to admit i really just let go over the weekend and pretty much ate whatever i want. Felt the sluggish and rubbish food just circulating through the blood stream. Hence today was punishment day.. well half punishment anyway cause i didn’t have the long cardio session i was suppose to have.

So this was what i did with only an hour or less.

Gym Workout

Warm Up: 10min jog to run

5 sets = 200
Decline Leg Raises 20reps + Decline Half Sit Up

Circuit: 4 sets of 3 exercises.
Mountainclimber 30s + jumping knee tuck 20secs + jumping lunges with sumo squats 15secs


Food Intake

Not something i recommend but i didn’t have much of a choice today. 
Breakfast: two wholemeal bread with vegemite gluten free, 1 banana

Late lunch:half a protein bar, a couple of strawberries

Dinner: spinach, chicken, strawberries, grapes and one green apple.

Really not a desirable food intake.. but i would suppose it’s a lot ess compared to what i had over the weekend ^_^


Work hard and play hard!

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