Tuesday Workout : Workout Your Chest Ladies - Linora Low
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Tuesday Workout : Workout Your Chest Ladies

Tuesday Workout : Workout Your Chest Ladies

Everytime i workout i ultimately feel invigorated and it’s the best time for me to destress. Having a good sweat is the only time when i’m not thinking about work and all i visualize in my head is getting the goal of finishing a run or an exercise. All i see before me is the timer ticking and me telling myself..

“Ok just another 30seconds more.. oh my gosh!! Gah 20seconds.. that’s like forever.. i want to die.. no push.. dying.. push… I can’t.. yes you can…girl shut the hell up..k come on girl FOCUS!”

Yeah that’s the kind of stuff that goes in my head.

I honestly do not feel normal when i don’t have a session at the gym. Because of that i feel like such an antisocial thing.. i digress. Anyway moving.. this today’s workout. You can try it. it’s a chest workout and different to the ones i’ve been doing, cause i needed to shock my muscles. 


Cardio: 30mins Interval
Warm Up : 2min walk 5.5km/h 3 min jog 7.3km/h
Stage 1 Interval: Run = 1min at 9.9km/h, Rest = 30s at 5.5 (Repeat till 13minute)
Stage 2 Interval: Run = 2min at 10km/h, Rest = 1min at 5.5 (Repeat till 28minute)
Stage 3 Interval: Run = 1min 12.2, Rest = 1min at 45km/h
Stage 4 Interval: Run 13.3 all the way till 30minute.

Chest: Each exercise 3 sets
Hoist Chest Press (lightest weight): 15reps+push up 15reps
Human Assisted Dips: 12reps (die die die)
Close Grip Pushup 15reps
Lower Back extension normal 10lbs 15reps 2 sets
Lower Back Extension twist 10bs 15reps

Hanging leg raises 15reps 5sets
Full sit Up 10 (just to round it up)
Decline crunch 100



Food intake

Morning: Oats with grapes, 1 multigrain with vegemite, chicken

Lunch: British Fruit Tea from Tea Chansii

Post Workout: protein drink

Dinner: 1 can of light weight Tuna, with green chilli, button mushroom, 2 egg white.

If you wanna check out the gym i go to. Go to this link Celebrity Fitness

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