Wednesday Workout : Get Those Shapely Legs Workout - Linora Low
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Wednesday Workout : Get Those Shapely Legs Workout

Wednesday Workout : Get Those Shapely Legs Workout

My chest and triceps are still sore from yesterday. So not doing any upper body but it’s full concentration on lower body. LEG WORKOUT DAY! Yay!!!

Yes, i love working out my legs, one of my favourite body parts.

Workout Routine

Warm up: 20mins on the wave machine (don’t like >.<)

Leg Workout:
Hack Squat: 20lbs 15-20-20-20
(Leg Curl 20.5kg 15rep + Jumping Lunges 20rep) x 3 sets
Glutes Kickback: 20lbs each leg 12reps 3sets
Leg Press: 60kg 15reps 3 sets

Nautilus Ab Crunch 20.5kg 20reps 5 sets
Ab Coaster Crunch 40lbs 20reps 5 sets


Food Intake
Morning: two wholemeal bread with vegemite, oats and 5 pitted prunes

Lunch: protein powerbar and fat free strawberry yoghurt

Dinner: Sunshine Kebab! Yummers Read about this healthy and delicious kebab here. Today i took mixed meat, lettuce, tomato and jalapeno. No sauce. Later on still hungry s ate, broccoli, peas and carrots.

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