Thursday Workout : Cardio and Abs Day - Linora Low
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Thursday Workout : Cardio and Abs Day

Thursday Workout : Cardio and Abs Day

Workout today was short but intense enough for a good sweat. Plus body is still sore from the chest and leg workout this week. Thursday it was all about the cardio and just some quick abs. Did another ab machine this time for variation so that the muscles are always surprised


Cardio 30minutes interval on elliptical trainer

Warm up 5mins: speed 170-180
Interval: Work = 30s speed 200-270 and Rest =  30s speed 100-160

Abs cybex crunch 50lbs 20×5
Cybex obliques 70lbs 20×5

Food intake

Morning: Two wholmeal bread with vegemite and a green apple

Lunch: Tea Chansii Detox drink Vinegar with pineapple and apple bits

Dinner: Two Kebabs from House of Kebabs and veggie


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