Kiss Me! - Linora Low
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Kiss Me!

Kiss Me!

Gimme a big Mwwwuuuuaahhhh!

Lol that’s the impression i would get with a brand by the name of Kiss Me. It’s a really adorable brand that came all the way from Japan, hence the main “mascott” would be this anime looking character with extremely big watery eyes!

The very first product i ever tried was the Kiss Me Eyeliner which also happens to be their most popular product. What i loved bout their eyeliner was how waterproof and tearproof the ink was. Plus i could get the very fine egyptian tip for my eyes due to the thin pen tip of the eyeliner! For me eyeliner is key and it needs to be dark, to really accentuate the eyes. What you see below is the upgraded Kiss Me eyeliner 🙂


About a couple of weeks back, I feasted my eyes on the cutest truck ever in KL! The Kiss Me Make up Truck  – which is also called the Kiss Me makeover station!

Thanks to Don and Manoah for inviting me to check out the truck. Here id the pink floss truck at One Utama, which was also the place my Red Ryders were patrolling at giving away cool goodies to the crowd 🙂

Stepping inside the truck were loads of pretty goodies and the item i turned all girlified about were the new eyelashes on display. These are not even out at stores yet! They can only be found for the moment in the Kiss Me Mobile Truck


Besides the different cosmetic products on display there, there were also cute makeup stations in the truck. It had a very cute boudoir environment.The lil lady standing on the right is one of beauty experts of Kiss Me.. and when i say she’s little, she’s really petitely little! Very adorable! 🙂


Do pop by the Kiss Me Mobile Truck, as there’s also a lucky draw competition going on. The prizes are dope and from what i heard i think there’s an Ipad 2 to be Won! ^_~

 This weekend the truck is going to be The Curve

Check out more details about Kiss Me here.

And another Surprise!! Who wants a KISS ME FREEBIE! ??

I’ll keep ya posted! ^_^

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