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Marvel The Avengers Review

Marvel The Avengers Review

It’s been a very long while since i’ve done a movie review. But i felt like blogging for one of the most highly anticipated films of the year The Avengers!

Finally they are all here! Not every character in the film has had it’s own individual film yet but the build up to each of them has been a wonderful journey to watch.

The Movie in Brief

Nick Fury holds the Tesseract but Loki comes in and hijacks because he wants to use it for world domination (basic story) because he feels that humans were born to be ruled. This causes Nick to become desperate and calls to his aid Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk and Black Widow. Along the way Thor – Loki’s brother drops down to earth looking for him to bring him to justice. He then teams up with the rest of the super heroes – making up The Avengers!
“Marvel’s The Avengers” is based on the ever-popular Marvel comic book series “The Avengers,” first published in 1963 and a comics institution ever since. Prepare yourself for an exciting event movie, packed with action and spectacular special effects, when “Marvel’s The Avengers” assemble in summer 2012. In “Marvel’s The Avengers,” superheroes team up to pull the world back from the brink of disaster when an unexpected enemy threatens global security. 

(Source: Walt Disney Studios)

Food for Thought:

Without teamwork, you will never be able to succeed. Sure sometimes its best to work as an individual but when you have a good team. Work together and in the end everyone is a winner. Everyone will have their own thoughts and own ways of how they do things in life. That’s the beauty of it, individuality can bring forth a powerful combination. Something i thought fascinating though, was that while they are born as leaders.. ultimately that had to give in to one person to give the orders, which happened to be Captain America (on one hand i find it very propaganda-ish) the perfect choice, since he was the only one with a proper background in war strategy. Main point as i watched this, everyone was fighting for the greater good – setting aside all their differences. I sure hope everyone learns from that main aspect. So that we can always live in peace, harmony and have a better future… Idealistic but think about it. That’s the truth.


The Show Stealer:

I don’t think there was just one character that stood out the most because i find the writers gave each a character memorable lines and scenes. Hence i wouldn’t be able to pin point the following in the section “Love These Moments”. However i think the superhero who had the funniest number of scenes had to be the big man The Hulk. The scenes that had me burst out laughing were without dialogue and thats the most powerful.. pure visual. LOL.


Love These Moments:
There were too many moments that were lovable in the movie. If I tell them here, it’ll be all be considered spoilers. So for your sake.. I shall not say anything. ^_^



Hate these moments:
NONE. This is not even a thought to be considered! But lets take a moment to look at some pictures ^_^


my favourite hero..i think it has to do with the qualities Cap has, which are very structured, idealistic, heroic and i’m here for the people attitude. i’m just drawn to that. And of course Chris Evans amazingly cute face!

 Hawkeye, Captain America and Black Widow.

Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr.) in Marvel’s The Avengers.

Here’s Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye and Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow from “Marvel’s The Avengers”!

Agent Maria Hill is one of Nick Fury’s most trusted lieutenants and is played by Cobie Smulders. So glad to see her in other projects outside HIMYM 🙂


 Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) aboard the Helicarrier!

Memorable Quotes:

  1. Black Widow: He(Loki) killed 80 people in 2 days!
    Thor:… He’s adopted.
  2. Captain America: **gives orders to everyone.. he looks to Hulk and says** HULK..
    Hulk:**looks at Cap** 
    Captain America: SMASH!
    Hulk: **big grin**
  3. Loki:.. i have an army
    Iron Man: yeah well we have a Hulk
  4. “At this point I doubt anything would surprise me.” – Captain America
  5.  … too many la.. i shall watch the film again and recollect ^_^

[xrr overall rating=5/5]

See it / Skip it:

SOOOOOOOOO SEE IT! In fact it’s worthy of a second and maybe even a third watch. The effects were stunning and the action scenes were enough to leave you wanting more.  I’m definitely catching it again but this time in IMAX 3D! That’s the way to go baby!
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