New Workouts for my Circuits - Linora Low
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New Workouts for my Circuits

New Workouts for my Circuits

OOooo was browsing Youtube today and i cannot wait to incorporate some of these exercises from Nike into my circuits.

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Most of the time i do a lot of burpees, mountainclimbers and dynamic squats in my circuits. While these are great and will always make me burn a lot, my body could use some variation in the workout. Changing it up even for a circuit is good cause it shocks new muscles in my body. Recently the latest exercise i added into my circuits was the mule kick from Zuzana. Its really crazy.. i’ll maybe show how to do it later on.

Anyway back to the new exercises i want to incorporate. It’s all from the Nike Training Club. Check these out!

1. Inch Worm to Push Up


2. Tricep Push Up to Frogger


3. Push Away Balance


4. Side V-Ups with Leg Kicks


5. Forward & Backward Bounds


6. Alternating Froggers


7. Side Crunch to Burpee


8. Ski Jumpe to Single Leg Squat ( i probably won’t do this with the medicine ball, since i don’t have one.Unless i’m at the gym)

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