Sunday Workout : Burn Fat Circuit Workout - Linora Low
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Sunday Workout : Burn Fat Circuit Workout

Sunday Workout : Burn Fat Circuit Workout

1 more day to go to the photoshoot. Diet is really key but making my fat burn is also a must. However it’s the weekend and i was too lazy to go to the gym. So i did this workout at home. One thing i don’t like about working in my house – the marble floor. There’s a reason why gyms a more appropriate for working out because the floors are hollow and not stiff hard like marble. Doing it on a floor that has no “bounce” is just bad for your knees cause the impact will just hit you straight all the way to your spine. That’s what i feel anyway.

So back to the workout. I did it before i ate anything and i gave it my all. hope you give it your best too ^_^


Circuit 1: 2 Sets
Side Taps + pushup = 30s
Burpee + Jump Lunge = 30s

Circuit 2: 2 Sets
Froggers + Push Up = 30s  (This was new for me, but oooooo do i love this workout now. Take a look here)
Plank + Knee to Elbow = 30s

Circuit 3: 2 Sets
Lizard = 30s
Alternating Side Plank = 30s

Food Intake

Morning: One Chicken piece (sad) 
Lunch: Half a chicken
Dinner: Tuna and one wholemeal bread


Always push yourself to be better. Ignore the world around you. It’s just you, your mind, your body.. It’s all you! ^_^ Keep pushing and Lotsa love!

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