Monday Workout: Cardio Circuit Training - Linora Low
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Monday Workout: Cardio Circuit Training

Monday Workout: Cardio Circuit Training


I think my body needs a longer rest duration. But thats the problem.. when i rest i feel guilt and feel restless. hOwever  know my body needs the rest. Anyone so tomorrow is judgement day to see if all the extreme workouts and watching the diet has paid off. So my final workout before the photoshoot is below.
Interval Running: 20mins
Crosstrainer/Elliptical: 30mins

Circuit 1: Work 20s-20s-10s-10s
mule kick + pushup froggers + side taps + dynamic squats

Circuit 2: Work 20s-20s-10s-10s
pushup froggers + mule kick + run on spot to pushup + lizard

Circuit 3: Work 20s-20s-10s-10s
Run on d spot to pushup + mule kick + pushup froggers + run on d spot to pushup

Abs: 3:36minutes
Declines sit ups and crunches.

Food Intake
Morning: 4 egg whites and oats with one green apple
Dinner: 6 egg whites and button mushrooms. one vitagen.


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