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Vibrance Kegel Device

Vibrance Kegel Device

About a month ago i wrote about an event i went to which was the Vibrance Kegel Device Media gathering. It’s not the first time i’ve been introduced to the term Kegel, but i never knew it to be such a serious matter.Then again i shouldn’t be too surprised because our Pelvic Floor Muscles (PFM).. are another part of the body that should also be trained every once in a while. I’m big on training every other muscle i have so why not my intimate muscles as well. These are what the muscles look like and where they are located.

Illustration of muscles targeted during Kegel exercises


There are huge benefits in working out your Pelvic Floor Muscles. Lets go through them

Now this is pretty much what normally you would have to do to strengthen your muscles. Below are just examples of the exercises. There are many ways to train your Pelvic Floor Muscles.. but i’m real glad that there are devices such as the Vibrance Kegel Device.

See while i maybe able to do those movements you see above, but here are the problems i may face. First of all i wouldn’t be able to tell if i’ve found my PFM correctly, Secondly i wouldn’t know how many times i have to do the exercise, Thirdly i wouldn’t know if i’m doing the exercises correctly. The Vibrance Kegel Device will help me eliminate those problems. The Vibrance Kegel Device aims to overcome challenges such as women training the wrong muscles during Kegel exercise, no progression in doing Kegel exercise as well as no proper guidance on Kegel exercise.


When you open up the box there is one Vibrance Kegel Device and casing, 3 levels of resistance sheaths, 2 sets of batteries, user instruction manual and warranty card included. There are two types of product usage – Type A ( autonomous training ) and Type B ( sound guidance training ). Before using the device just ensure that the silicone part is clean.

So how does the Vibrance Kegel Device Work?

  1. Slot in the batteries to the Kegel Device
  2. Apply a sufficient amount of lubricant on the device
  3. Now slowly insert it into your Va jay jay aka vagina ^_^
  4. The Kegel Device will only vibrate if it is contracted with the right muscles which are of course your PFM!
  5. Next step – just switch on the device, you’ll notice there is a blue power button at the bottom of the device. Turn that on for the sound guidance training.
  6. Now contract your PFM when the machine beeps and relax when it goes silent. This is a good gauge on how long you should be training your PFMs 🙂 This diagram shows the Time span for how long you need to squeeze the Kegel Device!

  7. After doing this, you can opt to progress to harder stages by using the 3 different sheaths available in the box.
  8. It goes from the softest to the hardest sheath – Level 1, 2 and 3. if you can go on to Level 3 tht just means your PFM is strong,
  9. once you’re done just clean it up with soap and water. Make sure it’s dry now ^_^


Don’t be shy to use it! It’s important first of all to understand what your PFM are and where they are at. Like when i spoke with Pamela who was also at the Bioinfinity Kegel Device Event. We both agree that this is a God sent device for ladies who are just coming out of pregnancy and also ladies who have weak PFM. I know i wouldn’t want to be caught dead with pee coming out before i reach the toilet. Imagine the embarassment. So thanks Bioinfinity for giving us another way to strengthen another part of our body.. our most intimate part. ^_^

You can find out more about the product here – It is sold at most SHINS outlets and major hospitals. If you want to speak someone and ask them questions about it call their Customer care line is 1700 -81-0321

Bioinfinity (M) Sdn Bhd

No. 21, Jalan 4/62A, Bandar Manjalara, Kepong,
52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel No: +03 – 6273 3068
Email :
Facebook : Bioinfinity

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