Happy Mother's Day 2012 - Linora Low
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Happy Mother’s Day 2012

Happy Mother’s Day 2012

The time of the year, where everyone takes time to celebrate the lady who means the most in our lives.. our Mother. Some would say this is the day that you should remember your mother and treat her like a queen. In my opinion, we should treat her like a Queen everyday. This is a good time to reflect though, bout how this amazing person has done so much for us.

For my mom, she truly is one person who has never left my side. She’s always been the person i could turn too.. and no matter how many times i’ve done her wrong or been naughty.. she still loves me regardless. This song by the Spice Girls may be old but the words are timeless


I wrote something for Mother’s Day on Red and i would like to share it here.
My Mother’s Day PSA

Hey it’s Linora from the red hub. and my mom is like wonder woman.. This is a typical scenario at home.
In the morning  (comedy music)

Me: Mom there’s an ink stain on my dress…can you clean it for me..
Mom: ok leave it in my room
Dad: Honey can you pick up the kids after school im running late for a meeting
Mom: ok honey
Son: Mommm can you make me maggii meee I’m hungry
Mom: ok sweetie…

Finally at night…. (peace and quiet..)
Mom: Ahh.. relax time I can now watch my tv shows..
Voice: Mom, Honey…
It’s tough being a mom and a wife..  So for this mother’s Day, treat her like the queen she is. Ask her what she wants and needs for a change. Happy Mother’s Day


That’s true, it is hard being a mom. My mom has had to endure 9 months times 3 of carrying heavy kids. She’s had to endure being the best wife possible and also the best boss possible at work.. which is Acmamall.com. I adore my mom, even at this wonderful age, she’s still cool, funky, kind, loving..

She’s my Wonder Woman. My Super Woman. She is my Mama. Love you Mama. Happy Mother’s Day 2012!

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