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Flyaway to Yeosu Expo with Me!

Flyaway to Yeosu Expo with Me!

I have never been to Korea before. The thought of making the trip to the wonderful land famous for their kimchi and  the mother ship of Samsung has crossed my mind a couple of times. But it’s either I never had enough holiday funds.. or I just plain well didn’t have the time.

But just two days ago, I got the word that I will be flying off too… oooh guess guess.. ok stop guessing. KOREA!!!! Yay.. it’s a mixture of holiday and working pleasure.. I LOVE my job at RedFM! ^_^

This is in conjunction with the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea happening between May 12 to August 12 2012. So I’m getting an all expense paid trip to see the wonderful sites, cultures of Yeosu thanks to Korea Travel Organisation (KTO) – you are entitled to be jealous cause I know I would be too! But here’s the awesome part..

YOU get to come along with me!!!



Hoowwwmyygoooshh!!! cant you Gyeahhh!!

ok ok now how to win this.. Simple. Follow these steps

  1. Tune in to my show at the 1pm hour on RedFM 104.9 in the Klang Valley  Startin Monday.
  2. I’ll share a blog post link on the Red FM Facebook Fan Page: Red FM Malaysia and on twitter @iloveredfm
  3. I’ll ask a question base on that post – so no cheating you have to read it ^_^
  4. I’ll give you a cue to text in to 33988 The FASTEST person who TELLS me the right answer will be in the running to Win a Trip to Korea!
  5. This is contest is base on time so the faster you answer higher chances you’ll be in the running. 🙂
    So say for example on Monday the first contestant gets the right answer within 10minutes. Then you need to beat that time.
  6. I’ll announce the winner on Friday 25th May!!

OHMYGOSH so exciting! hehehe

Just look out for the blog posts here and you’ll be alright. All The best! Haeng uneul Bireoyo! Here’s a teaser of what you could experience.


Here’s a bit of info about Yeosu and the Yeosu Expo 2012. The city of Yeosu is a port city abundant with maritime. If you are a person who loves the environment then you can pledge to protect the ocean for the future survival of the world at this event. The main theme of Yeosu Expo is “The Living Ocean and Coast,” and various ways to protect the ocean will be explored during the event.

Event Details

  • Period: May 12 (Sat) ~ August 12 (Sun), 2012
  • Venue: New Port area in Yeosu, Korea
  • Directions (Departure from Seoul)
    ? By air: Gimpo Airport => Yeosu Airport (50 min. travel)
    ? By train (KTX): Yongsan Station (Seoul)
                       => Yeosu Expo Station
                       (arrival at the EXPO site / 2 hr. and 50 min. ride)
    ? By bus: Central City Bus Terminal (Seoul)
                       => Yeosu Terminal (4 hr. and 10 min. ride)
  • Official Site:

You can read on below for the cool sites that you could possible see  in Korea ^_^

Yeosu Korea

Geobukseon shaped a turtle is the first ironclad warship in the world. Admiral Yi Sun-Sin(1545~1598) made this ship and drove many Japanese warships away with Geobukseon.

Yeony’s National Folk Museum Tour

[Yeony’s Gyeongbokgung Palace Tour] 
This beautiful place is called Hyangwon-jeon, the place for relaxing on the ground of Gyeongbokgung Palace

Watch out for the blogposts starting Monday cause that could be just the thing to win you a trip! Don’t forget to like Red FM Malaysia Facebook and follow us on twitter: @iloveredfm

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