In I Trust - Linora Low
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In I Trust

In I Trust

 I love heading for events, because it’s a time for me to meet friends, chill back with a drink or two,play dress up and who knows maybe meet up with more cool people. But there is just one thing that annoys me.. getting READY for the event. There’s a lot of things to consider when you head off for an event, like the following:

  • get there on time
  • get yourself rsvp for the event
  • get the hair and makeup done up.
  • get the right shoes, right clutch, right accessories
  • and finally GET THE RIGHT DRESS!!!

You can kinda cheat with the hair, makeup and shoes.. but the dress you can’t. You want to be seen in a different dress from the previous event. You want to be individualistic and not to be caught wearing the same dress as the next girl (i know this is ridiculous). You want to be elegant, and not too trashy. Yeah.. lost of things to consider, ok!

Which is why whenever i head out for an event. I always put my trust in Rarablack. One of my favourite Online Fashion Boutiques! They have a wide range of clothing. From smart casual, to a day out shopping, to the lil cocktail dress you need and even full blown gorgeous gowns for a weddings or big events.

Just take a look at some of the events I’ve been too.. and all these dresses were from ^_^

Emceeing the SOULed OUT North Pole Xmas Event atSouled Out, Desa Sri Hartamas.

At What The Flick: Pre Oscar Event held at  TGVCinemas. I feel like an Oscar award myself lol.

At the Magnum Choco Cappuccino launch.

At the Johnnie Walker Step Inside The Black Circuit Lounge and it is wicked!!!

Kronenbourg 1664 (Malaysia) L’aperitif Fashion with violinist extraordinaire Dennis Lau – Electric Violinist & Songwriter

 Hennessy VSOP new bottle launch

I put my full trust in knowing that i’ll always look ready for a party and the prices are pretty affordable too. I’m not lying when i say that. The owners of the site are very responsible. They always ensure your dresses arrive on time as stated to the duration of your order and of course they always make it point that your dresses are in tip top condition. ^_^

Watch out cause every once in a while they will have some clearance sales and special promotions. And ery you never know i may get some discounts for you too ^_~

Check out Rarablack now.


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