Starting the Fitness Routine All Over Again - Linora Low
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Starting the Fitness Routine All Over Again

Starting the Fitness Routine All Over Again

I tell you it’s a hard life.. it really is… and i share your pain when it comes to wanting to keep up with a lifestyle that takes a lot of discipline and determination. I’m talking about a healthy and fit lifestyle. You’re not alone on this journey of wanting to start or even to just get back on the band wagon. Laziness and just not caring is like a drug. Once you get a taste of it, your body will somehow like it and just choose to want to go down that path. That’s where and when you need to mentally give yourself a kick in the ass and say what??? You’ve worked so hard .. and now you want to just to throw it away.

Let me share that i have a mesomorph body type. I can build muscles fast, I can relatively get smaller when i’m very very good and I can also grow bigger within a matter of days. It sucks! But I’ve come to accept that. Just stay positive and keep looking at the brighter side of life.

A Positive Wall


The best thing to do is just keep looking towards your goal. What’s my goal – a lot of people have asked me?

I want to look super super fab at least once in my life. Super toned, fit and cheery as ever.. and also before i even become a MOM. Lol!

So if possible always stay focus.. Focus on the GOAL!

How to get yourself motivated enough for that fitness goal? You can try these 5 ways

  1. Stick a note on your wall or maybe say a poster.. Found this pic and reading it gives me a good kick in the but too..

    Pinned Image


  2. Listen to your favourite music – This is currently my fav 🙂 This is like the ultimate song to workout too!


  3. Watch a fitness video – my personal favs are watching Zuzana’s


4. This one is a bit extreme but go look at some old pictures of yourself.. and then ask.. do you want to go back? Heck no!… Let me just say, i have no regrets posting this horrendous childhood image of mine. But looking back, i’m glad that I have changed to a fitter and better me 🙂

5. Find a fitness buddy.. I’m serious this really helps! Cause doing it alone sometimes is really not motivating enough. You have to really REALLY REALLY REALLY psyche yourself!

Yea buddy!


So here’s to a new day starting tomorrow. Where I’m going to push myself harder and back to the disciplined diet regime. Watch out, i’m going to be all anal and strict ^_~ Hope you will be too with yours. Keep pushing and don’t give up.

Remember you only have one body! LOVE IT!


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