Cameron Valley Tea House @Bangsar - Linora Low
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Cameron Valley Tea House @Bangsar

Cameron Valley Tea House @Bangsar

I’m still on a mission for places with healthy food and I was delighted to make a visit to Cameron Valley Tea House along Bangsar. When i first heard Cameron Valley, I assumed I would need to make a trip to Cameron Highlands itself. To my delight this quaint tea house was located in the Klang Valley. Yay!

Cameron Valley Tea House

Despite the tea house squeezed in between the busy visuals of shoplots in Bangsar, you can’t miss the big red and orangey sign that says Cameron Valley. Parking is a slight problem, but best bet is to park at Bangsar Village Shopping Mall and walk over. It’s not that far if you think about it. Not unless you are one of the fortunate ones who do get to park smack in front of the restaurant 🙂

The first thing my sister and I ordered were the wonderful iced teas. Naturally all the teas we drank came straight from the tea farm of Cameron Valley. I was thoroughly amused at the boot shaped glass they served all the ice tea drinks in. Tell me how are they not cute! Adorable much…

1. Normal Iced Tea    2. Hot Rosemary Tea (bottom left)   3. Ice Lemongrass Tea (middle)    4. Ice Longan Tea (bottom right)
Cameron Valley Tea House
Nepalese Momos

These cute deep fried patties were filled with chicken and other herbs but you can really taste that there’s celery in it. According to the chef, he actually used the pasta dough recipe to make the momos. The momos were accompanied with a spicy tomato dip, that really made a kick out of the dish.

Cameron Valley Tea House

Salad with smoked salmon. A simple and zesty healthy dish to have for brunch.  I love the bright colour green visuals on a white plate. =)

This is the doughnut sandwhich, which was recommended to us was a very unique way to turn something unhealthy into something healthy for a change. Doughnuts don’t always have to be sprinkled with sugar. =) So this sandwhich was with eggs, ham and sundried tomatoes, I took out the cream cheese. The sandwhich was which was very filling to the stomach, I must add.


 Cameron Valley Tea House

Black shadow. Foccacia bread with pancetta, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, capsicum, gherkins. The panini was served toasted and really enjoyed how the crust made a delicate crunching sound as i bit into the sandwich. This was really delicious, I’m drooling even by looking at the picture that I took, and later munched on..hehe =)  However to make this extra healthy I would’ve asked for grilled chicken in it instead of pancetta (which by the way is  a kind of pork).

That’s one of the major things i love about restaurants like Cameron Valley Tea House.. the ability to customise your food. I’m very picky with how my food is made and served. Like i would prefer eating grilled, steamed food and not fried (if possible never have anything fried) and i refuse for my dishes to have any mayonaise. You’re thinking might as well cook at home, right? Truth is we don’t always have to time to prep food, so best thing to do, is to find an alternative… places that serve healthy food.


Spaghetti cv meaty mixed herb pasta. Pasta tossed with a pesto sauce. pancetta, chicken ham, mushrooms, onions, cherry tomatoes and sun dried tomatoes. We were actually too full to eat anymore –  it was a pretty heavy brunch – but we simply had to try one pasta dish.

Finally we splurge a little with the famous Cameron scones.

The scones that were sent from cameron highlands. Cameron Highlands has a reputation of making really yummy scones. The scones here just melted in your mouth, and adding just a little bit of the strawberry jam to the scones just made it heavenly. They were very soft and they didn’t crumble into crumbs like how some scones do. You can also check out another post i wrote about scones from Bala’s Chalet here

Now that the food is done. Let’s have a quick tour of the place shall we 🙂

The indoor section of the restaurant. At the back you have the washroom, a special seating area (which i’ll explain in a bit),  a store where you can have your pick of what teas to buy and drink at home. I’m really becoming a fan of Lemongrass Tea and Misai Kuching Tea. The jars of cookies are little mini tidbits you can eat with your tea… ohhh heaven.

This is what the store looks like at the back. The tea box is so unique.. van you imagine little tea treasures in them! 🙂

Now what we have here are the kind of desserts served at Cameron Valley. My sis and I Ta pau-ed the Vegetarian Red Velvet cake. We enjoyed it later on at home.


Now this is the special sitting area i mentioned. Cameron Valley Tea house have made two sections of the restaurants as a bean bag chillout spot. Fun, comfy and its so cool to be doing your work in the bean bag area! I love it! in the picture above is Chandrika and I have to say a big thank you to her for taking the time to feed-tertain my sister and I huhuhu. Thanks again darling!
I will be making another round to Cameron Valley Tea House, since i didn’t get to train their main dishes like the stake and grilled chicken. Will keep ya posted.. For a first impression, I loved the food and ambience of the restaurant. The staff were friendly and quick on their feet, although i have to add we went in a non busy period. Prices were reasonable too… for a restaurant in Bangsar ^_^ A worthy and healthy visit.
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