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Tea Chansii @Tropicana City Mall

Tea Chansii @Tropicana City Mall

I’ve been visiting this new drink stall for some time now. Tea Chansii is what the new place is called and it opened up at Tropicana City Mall about two months ago. Tea Chansii is a franchise originally from Taiwan and this is the very first branch in Malaysia. The place serves a mix of healthy fruit tea drinks and also little desserts that you can indulge on every once in a while. My first visit was with Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers and it was a real blast.

This is the man who brought Tea Chansii to our Malaysian shore, Ryan Chong! A super friendly dude who always seems to have a cheery look on his face. Which suits the business just nicely, cause i find Tea Chansii to be such a bright, cheery and colourful drink outlet!

  Check out the menu they have over there. The price isn’t too bad either.

These are the wonderful fruit bits that they will mix into the fruit drinks. The fruit tea drinks are all made fresh on the spot and usually we are advice to drink it within 2 hours. They have apple, guava, basil seeds, orange bits all at the ready.. and my favourite – the mango and cranberry jelly. I just love chewing on the jelly whenever i take my Tea Chansii drink. 🙂 Yummmmmy!

This is how they brew their tea. Fresh on a daily basis. Fab! I love the range = green tea and oolong tea.

And this is how they prepare the fruit tea drinks. Doesn’t it look yummy 🙂

Mynn and I posing with the popcorn at the kitchen area of Tea Chansii.

My favourite popcorn flavours are the spicy mexican chilli and the seaweed. The spiciness gives a nice flare to the popcorn.. it’s like eating it with tabasco sauce or chili flakes.. Hmm i have to try that one day.


They serve panna cotta with a variety of flavours. Usually they serve it with fruit topping but have you ever tried Chocolate sauce on a panna cotta before? Yeap this the one place that serves it on the go. I was told by Ryan that this is a big favourite among kids. Parents would by it for them and before leaving the outlet, the kids would’ve already lapped the dessert up.

They are served in a cute little bottle which is just fantastic to recycle or use back in the kitchen as a container for say chili or spices.

Here’s a group shot with the  Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers girls. In the middle is Patricia who’s in charge of marketing at Tea Chansii and Ryan. Big thanks to Tim for the outing and Andy Kho for the shots you see in this post!


Let’s just say i got a little greedy and wanted to take a shot with alllllll the popcorns hehe. See my happy face 😛

Check out Tea Chansii at Tropicana City Mall. 
Website:  www.chansii.com
Facebook : Tea Chansii Malaysia 
Address: Lower Ground, Tropicana City Mall, No.3, Jalan SS20/27, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

If you want to know more about the Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers visit this link. 🙂  facebook.com/myhotbloggers.

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