Quick Bites Healthy Sandwiches @ Publika - Linora Low
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Quick Bites Healthy Sandwiches @ Publika

Quick Bites Healthy Sandwiches @ Publika

Being always on the hunt quick and healthy food. I came across on a small little cafe called Quick Bites San Francisco at Publika Shopping Gallery. Not a huge place, but cozy and comfortable enough if you want something fast to eat. It’s a smart, simple concept. They designed the place in such a way where you are not meant to sit down for very long. You just order your food, pay and move on.
Here’s the area where you place your order, they make the sandwiches there on the spot for you pretty much like Subway. There aren’t many varieties for your sandwich though. Personally for me, if they wanted to make the bread healthier they can subsidize it for wholemeal bread, instead of their their.. hmm i don’t know what they call it baguette?

The sandwich can either be just ala carte or it can come with a set with drinks. I choose the lemongrass chicken for my sandwich together with a peach tea 🙂 You can customise it completely with or without the kind ingredients you want inside. Like for me i would take it without the butter and mayo..light or not. Mayo is a no.

Here’s the menu 🙂 hope ya can see the prices.

I do not recommend the Rolls.. cause they are seriously overpriced and they didn’t look to appetising.
Overall.. if i wanted something fast and healthy. Quick Bites can do just that.. Give them a visit if you are on the go 🙂
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