Korea Trip 1 - Beauty Town, Gyeongbukgung, Jimjilbang and Food - Linora Low
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Korea Trip 1 – Beauty Town, Gyeongbukgung, Jimjilbang and Food

Korea Trip 1 – Beauty Town, Gyeongbukgung, Jimjilbang and Food

I tried to stuff everything into the title. LOL. Jotting down the event of Day 1 for the Korea Trip that took place about 2 weeks ago. The trip couldn’t have happen if not for the amazing prize I was giving away on my radio show on Red FM (The Red Hub), all thanks to Korea Tourism Organization. We were flying Korean Air and this my very first time flying to Korea so i was real excited to experience the different cultures.

ooooo Ooooo I have to mention on the day of the trip, i had a new toy to play with in Korea. The Samsung Galaxy S3!!! A very powerful phone and I really couldn’t wait to try out all the features and see how it would enhance my trip. Lemme just say i was not dissapointed at all!! I didn’t even bring a camera.. just this phone and the Samsung Note 😛

The lucky girl who won my Flyaway to Yeosu Expo contest on Red was Mee Leng, who wanted to win it specially for her mom who’s never been to Korea. Very sweet of her! The trip was not just with Red but also with our Chinese sister station 98.8. With me in the first picture are DJ Nic and DJ Hau Min, who look pretty korean themselves. 🙂

Korean Air Food

 First time having seaweed green tea porridge.. i like it 🙂

Korean Air Plane
Was so amazed by the usb port allowing you to charge your phone.. yes i’m easily awed!

Flying off to Korea

 The flight was 6 hours long but i’m very happy to say i was well entertained and fed on the flight. I found the porridge very yummy hehe – seaweed Green Tea porridge. The service of the air stewardesses was wonderful cause they always smiled at you and the most important part was they could speak English!!! The pilot for the plane must be a dad, because he landed the plane so gently for his passengers. I’m always critical about the landing of the plane I’m on. I would also surmise that the plane track was very smooth.

  Incheon Airport
Korea’s airport Incheon Airport has been Named the Best Airport Worldwide for the 7th Year in a Row and i can see why. Everything is made so conveniently and the one thing i loveeee the most about Korea. There IS FREE WIFI Nearly everywhere.. So don’t worry about your data plan too much, cause you would still be connected with your social media.

There was no rest for us, after the whole tour group assembled together, we got on to the tour bus and headed straight for Skin Anniversary Beauty Town. Originally thought it was a TOWN! But actually it’s one big building lol. Beauty Town consisted of three floors. LG : Food area, G: The 3D photoshoot area, Makeover and the Cosmetics, 1st Floor was where you get your skin analysed! So i found out that my skin is pretty dry and i would need more moisturising… eep!


Here’s something that was new to me – but apparently it’s been in the beauty market for sometime. Snail Mucin has been used in face masks because it has some antiaging, whitening properties. I found that quite iccchhkkk but hey if it works and makes the skin better why not!

Bulgogi The next stop was  a quaint little restaurant which was located on the 1.5 floor. Yes you heard me right the restaurant was located on a floor which is situated half from the next floor. There we had the famous Korean dish BULGOGI!! Yumm. A mix of veggies and some meat.   After filling our tummies we went to further into the city of Seoul. A mix of high rise with modern and along the road you could see buildings that still had a tinge of traditional architecture.. Almost like what you may find in the states (I base this assumption on too much US TV shows) Oh by the way, i visited Korea in the summer but despite it being called “summer” it wasn’t hot, in fact it was a nice cooling weather. Imagine yourself siting in an air conditioned roomed that is not too cold but at a comfortable temperature.


We passed by the humongous humongous Yonsei University which is the oldest in South Korea and one of the top three universities in the country. Our main stop was  to Gyeongbukgung Palace, which is the Main Palace of the Josean Dynasty. Gyeongbokgung Palace is arguably the most beautiful and remains the grandest of all five palaces. There is much to be told about Gyeongbukgung, cause there were a lot of little cultural stories about each building and since i can’t write it all in this blog post..i’ll write about it in separate post. 🙂

 Me and Maryn camwhoring at doors.

We also went to an area of Seoul that had buildings which still maintained it’s traditional architecture. Something i realised was that Korea has very hilly terrain. Perfect for going on challenging brisk walks.


After spending about 2 hours at Gyeongbukgung we made our way to a Jimjilbang at the Korea World Cup Stadium! Yeap an open concept bath place where everyone just gets naked together..literally..LOL!

 A Jimjilbang is a large, gender-segregated public bathhouse in Korea, furnished with hot tubs, showers, Finnish-style saunas, and massage tables, similar to a Korean sauna or mogyoktang I shall say it was a shocker at first, but hey you’re in Korea only once and you should take advantage of the moment and just try this.

photo Finally after a lonnnnnnnnggg day which i honestly felt as though i had already spent a week in Korea, we were dropped off at our stay for the next two nights. Lexvill Service Residence, situated at Jamsil-Dong.

 I was delighted with the service apartment. They really built it in such a way where each space was not wasted

photo Everytime you opened a cabinet drawer you would be in awe… well for me anyway. lol it had everything i could possibly need and the room was incredibly complete. With pots, pans, hairdryer, cutlery, tv, aircond and WIFI!!!! Happy traveller indeed ^_^ More to tell about Korea in the next post! All the photos were taken with either the Samsung Galaxy SIII or the Samsung Note. Hehe real excited to play with the new toy, and it was so easy too. Didn’t need to bring any camera with me. The two Samsung Mobiles did complimented my journey beautifully. ^_^

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