Korea Trip 2 - Everland Themepark, Insadong and Dongdaemun - Linora Low
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Korea Trip 2 – Everland Themepark, Insadong and Dongdaemun

Korea Trip 2 – Everland Themepark, Insadong and Dongdaemun

On the second day of Korea, my true love gave to me… Saying a big thank you once again to Korea Tourism Organisation for sponsoring my amazing trip with my Red FM winner Mee Ling and her mom.

First day of my Korea adventure was packed with places and things to see. The second was just as packed. We woke up to my dismay at 6am in the morning..Didn’t have much time to recuperate from the night before but hey you gotta keep moving with an exciting trip like this.

Woke up and we were taken for breakfast, and you have to remember that everything comes with KIMCHI!!! I love the stuff and i’ll eat it with just about anything. i especially think it would taste awesome in some of the healthy dishes i’m making at home. Anyway back to the story, in the morning it was refreshing to see people going for brisk walks, taking their dog out, seeing kids rollerblade.. you don’t see that too often in KL.

We all assembled on to the bus after getting some snacks along the way. I managed to get some yummy bread from a famous bakery franchise in Korea called Paris Baguette. Oh here’s something interesting, I’ve come to the conclusion Koreans love their coffee! At any convenient store – be it 7 Eleven, GS or 18 Mart, there will all sorts of coffee drinks made available on the go. Along the road you will see a variety of cafes… italian,french, english.. all on the street. Here i am camwhoring with some of the delicious bread and i was so happy to find my doriyaki ^_^


The bus ride was about 2 hours from Seoul city to Yongin. We were going to visit the popular Everland Thempark wheeee!!!! I’ve never been to Disneyland, so this is as close as i’m going to get.. for now ūüôā Taking shots outside the main entrance, yes we all went trigger happy.

Before entering the themepark, there will be Korean dressed up in cute lil outfits to great you. They would say hi and by to you by waving both palms at you. I found this so amusing and cheery. Inside the themepark there were just too many things to see. My eyes were overwhelmed by the massive architecture of all sorts. There was  one building that had the illusion of a city up a hill, very cool!

We only had till 2pm – half day which meant we had to be fast and make the most of our time. First place we visited was the Safari World which was a 7 minute ride, but well worth the time.


Just look at the “intricate” art and deco they had before the Safari Ride.


We were practically within touching distance with the animals. The bears are very intelligent, they understood Korean words to sit, beg and high five!! CUTE!

There were a number of rides and houses to visit. A haunted house, another safari, some planetarium and big food courts.


The next big stop was the Holland Village where you could take a mini train ride to see the lovely fountain at the centre of the village.

Train ride!!! The place had bright and colourful buildings.


¬†Nearby was the Renaissance area or also Greek area.. i’ve no idea why they mixed it up.


  Just across from Grecian fountain was the vast flower garden.


 Oooooo my i was in heaven! In the garden there were huge rose hearts and benches that you could pose with.


i love looking at pretty flowers and taking micro shots of the them.

And i had to try the picture of where i was hidden among the flowers. Can you spot my red head? ^_^


The lovely buildings at the Holland Village. Even their toilet was fascinating! See the one saying Traditioneel Kleren.. yeah i was fascinated with their toilet architecture lol


Time to go back, so instead of walking all the way back up, we took the cable car. There were two types, you could either take the two seater or the four seater. Systematic and reasonably fast, can you see how they propped prams at the back of the cable car seat? Smart!

Saying goodbye to Everland Themepark at Yonging, we then made our way back to Seoul City and on to the street of Insadong.Insadong-gil is “well known as a traditional street to both locals and foreigners”¬†and represents the “culture of the past and the present”. A cool fusion of the two.

A spot where one can buy traditional trinkets and also shop for¬†souvenirs¬†cheap prices. Please please buy your¬†souvenirs¬†here,it’s way cheaper compared to buying them at souvenirs stores for foreigners.. duh..

Just showing some of the crazy food i saw on the streets.


Then we made our way to Dongdaemun market, which is THE spot to shop cause if you know where to look, you will find wholesalers. For example a long dress can be bought for about RM30 over there. Worth it! Buying long dresses at the bazaars in KL, cheapest would be RM45-50. ¬†I¬†had a serious headache when i stepped into the mall. Cause i couldn’t understand what the ladies were saying.. i found out if you just talked random jibberish and made hand gestures, you may even get a cheaper price. LOL.


For dinner we had Korean BBQ at a packed restaurant some at the center of Dongdaemun. That was my first time having to cook the meat and stir rice and veggie all in one go. Loved it!

Read of my travel adventures on Day 1 here. ^_^ More stories coming up.

All the photos were taken with either the¬†Samsung Galaxy SIII¬†or the¬†Samsung Note.¬† Great stuff i didn’t need to bring my camera at all!

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