Korea Trip 3 - Expo Yeosu 2012 - Linora Low
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Korea Trip 3 – Expo Yeosu 2012

Korea Trip 3 – Expo Yeosu 2012

3rd day in Korea thanks to Korea Tourism Organisation. Woke up real early because we had to travelled from Seoul on a 3hr bullet train to the Yeosu Expo. We were to go all the way south.. surprisingly a number of my own Korean friends (ok only a couple) mentioned that they themselves haven’t been to Yeosu before. Well now is the perfect time because this is where the International Exposition 2012 is held. It’s one of the 3 biggest events in the world, right next to FIFA World Cup and the Olympics. You learn something new everyday eh.. The theme is called The living ocean and Coast, you can read the brief intro i wrote about it here.

We took a 3 and half hour bullet train ride from Seoul Station to Yeosu.

Paris Baguette in Korea

Along the way i was busy munching on some of the yummy bread from a well known bakery cafe in South Korea called paris Baguette.



The place is massive!! We entered at Entrance 3 which was next to the Digital .. When you look up at the ceiling, I was amazed to see it wasn’t any ordinary ceiling but a huge LED screen using the latest technology. The screen give you a glimpse of what the underwater life would look like. They would show little fishes and even a beluga whale. From what i read, you should be able to call out to the whale.. i didn’t get to try it but i did see it.

 Every once in a while, you would be able to see a street performance or some fancy parade. I was more so looking out for the Yeony and Sunny the mascots of Expo Yeosu.


Each location you went to was a Pavilion and each of them had really long queues. Well that’s what you get for going on the weekends. The sent visitors of the pavilion by batches

The first Pavilion we went into was the Robot area. We got to see a very lovely artificial intelligent robot, midget robots they made funny faces called Nero, mini dancing robots to Super Junior’s song sorry (This was really funny and adorable to watch), robots that could play football (that was amazing and real cute), robot fishes called Firo and even a gigantic robot, that is suppose to protect sea creatures. Fascinating to see how technology has advanced.

 The next stop i wanted to go to was the big Aquarium, which is one of the main highlights of the Expo. However i was advised not to go cause it would be a very long queue. Needless to say i was stubborn and lined up anyway. Big mistake and not a very bright idea, cause upon getting in the line, we asked one of the Expo’s information people how long would it take, and they said 3-4 hours. HAH!!!?? That kinda spoilt my mood to see the fishes, so i opted instead to go to Odongdo Island which was a bout a 2minute walk away from the Aquarium. LOL


Saw a  cruise ship and above is the Big O which is the center of Expo Yeosu. Thats also the performance area of kpop concerts. At night it would be lit up and in the dark it would almost seem like a floating circle. Musical and specially choreographed dancing fountain is just below the Big O, which will usually be at night.


 Making out way there was worth it. Odongdo is made up of two islands. We could’ve crossed a bridge to go to the other part of Odongdo but we decided to opt for just going up the stairs to see the wonderfull view. It wasn’t a vigorous walk and the cool breeze made it very comfortable to climb up the stairs.

A relaxing spot,  we reached the top where there was a temple with a cafe at the bottom. Some people brought food to have their own picnic.


Oh now lemme show you some of the food we had there. Please what ever you do. Do not buy the kebab. it cost us 15,000 won for 2.. that’s RM30. It was the most expensive and tiniest unhealthy kebab that was just smothered in mayo. Order something else please, like the lotteria burger. That’s at least something new to try. I ordered the shrimp burger and even inside the shrimp patty, you could still see shrimp in their full form. Nice!! Ooooo love shrimp 🙂


At night we watched a massive crazy kpop concert.. performed by ,Jay park, born to beat, 4minutes, and Beast! the crowd was nuts!!

The Yeosu Event is running from 12 may to 12th Aug.  so do make a trip there if you can, it’s a once in a lifetime experience! More details about the Expo Yeosu 2012 here. and for the rest of my Korea adventures : Day 1 here and Day 2 here. Enjoys!

All the photos were taken with either the Samsung Galaxy SIII or the Samsung Note. Truly amazed at the clarity of the images. ^_^

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