Korea Trip 4 - Myeongdong and The Nanta Show - Linora Low
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Korea Trip 4 – Myeongdong and The Nanta Show

Korea Trip 4 – Myeongdong and The Nanta Show

The 4th day of the my Korea Trip thanks to Korea Tourism organisation was the beginning of a lot of shopping. Korea Tourism Organisation really knows how to show a foreigner a good time.. an adventure packed with things to do!

But first we were taken to JNJ Dragon restaurant to have more Korean BBQ. In the pic with me is Mee Leng my RedFM Winner!
JNJ Dragon Korean BBQ
Hmmm that was BBQ pork and i was told you need to wrap the meat and condiments into the huge letuce you see at the bottom left. Koreans then roll it up and stuff it into their mouths. It’s an ineresting way to eat, i wouldn’t recommend if you have a small mouth or a small throat. Mee Ling’s cousin and i did a little competition whereby i would feed her my big lettuce wrap and visa versa.. Let’s just say i ended up choking… because of laughter with food in my mouth.

We were taken to the duty free cosmetics store, where the price is a lot cheaper to the ones that are shipped in to KL. Certains brands would be found here not in KL.  We were taken to the streets of Myeongdong. Another favourite shopping area but imagine it to be the Bukit Bintang of Seoul. In other words the Myeongdong is the more up market shopping area. In Korea cosmetics is in abundance, so cosmetics stores would usually be willing to giveaway free samples. A number of them had a girl standing infront of the store just ranting about their products. Never have i seen such dedication to a job. Wow!
Korea Snacks
When you travel you are bound to eat “rubbish” and i mean nice rubbish. But the guilt.. ahhhh nevermind, i just loved these cute lil biscuits with chocolate in them hehe like the Meiji Pandas.. LOOOOOVVEE 🙂
Some of the street food i saw in Myeongdong like grilled squid.. they looked like something out of Aliens. I love dry squid, but i was a bit skeptical cause i saw humongous flies on one of the tentacles. I found another store that was more umm  hygienic and had my yummy grilled squid hehe. Dinner time i had Bibim Ice Noodle. i love eating cold stuff!
 Korea Cosmetics

My theory on cosmetic shopping in Korea… for every store you go into you will get a freebie, like a face mask. Go into about 10 stores and you’ll get 10 masks. Just walk in thats all. I also found out, the type of freebie they give you is base on how you dress.. huh. If you dress in a fancier manner they’ll give you something higher end and if you dress not as fancy they’ll give you something simpler. Above was just some of the things i bought as i walked the path of shopping at Myeongdong. The nail polish were only going for 1000 won = RM3 omgosh CHEAP!!! I just went ballistic.


At night we were taken to see the Nanta Show a famous Korean theater performance. The actors on stage will use pots, pans, mops and knives to create music. There’s not much dialogue and everything is communicated via physical acting. The show was immensely funny and i would definitely be keen to watch it again.



Lookout for more travel stories in the next blogpost. You can Read Korea Trip Day 1 Here, Day 2 here and Day 3 Here.

All the photos were taken with either the Samsung Galaxy SIII or the Samsung Note.

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