Korea Trip 5 - DMZ Imjingak, Paju Premium Outlets and K-Story - Linora Low
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Korea Trip 5 – DMZ Imjingak, Paju Premium Outlets and K-Story

Korea Trip 5 – DMZ Imjingak, Paju Premium Outlets and K-Story

The second last day at South Korea. It was free and easy day, which means no more crazy tour plans.. just our own to explore. I had a couple of places i wanted to see, one of them being the N Seoul Tower where the Teddy bear museum was. That didn’t happen, but i made other plans.. It was time for even more shopping and seeing stuff like the North Korean border.


First let me show the third hotel we stayed at while in Korea. This is Hotel Riviera, a 5 star hotel located in Seoul. Because parking is a tad difficult, they created two lobbies and different levels for the hotel. The one you’re looking at above is the lower ground lobby. I really liked the hotel and wouldn’t mind staying there again in the future.

Here’s what the room looks like.. i hadn’t realised i took more shots of the bathroom. The place is complete hairdryer, bathrobes, laundry bag, a safe for your passports and other valuables, hangers, and a toilet seat that will warm, your bum bum.

Riviera Hotel Cafe Vista

The next morning we woke up up and had breakfast at Cafe Vista inside the hotel. Some shots of the spread and there was one particular food i loved from the entire breakfast. The bread with cheese spread.. oooommmyygoooshh i was in love. I purposely took that and spread the cheese on the wholemeal bread i found at the bread section.

After a hearty breakfast, we made out way to Imjingak, DMZ to see the border of North Korea. Along the highway, we could see North Korea which is just separated   by a very long and large river. At the river coast there were little huts set up, each with a soldier at guard all the time. Above was Imjingak where you can use speacial binoculars to see the border of North Korea.


The center temple piece where they give you a rundown of the steam locomotive and the ribbons you see on the side are all the messages of peace.

Just take a look at those bullet holes.. yes BULLET holes!
Nearby DMZ was of course the most talked about place for shoppers. Paju Premium Outlets which is such a BIG difference compared to our Johor one. Here you could see discounts ranging from 25%-65% off  and the items you get maybe off season but totally worth it. I got a pair of sneaks from New Balance for only RM200+ and usually they cost aroun RM300 over. Superbly happy about it.

Later on in the evening, went to the streets of Yonsei to have Grilled Fish and i must must talk about the high tech looking parking. Ok fine, they may have had this a while now, but i’ve never seen one in real life, where cars are parked above one another. It’s so cool and it saves space! Why can’t they have this here in KL… or at least more of this.

Bars and Beer plaes in Korea

Walking to the restaurant, at every single nook and corner, there would be a bar or pub. They love their happy time as much as their bakeries.


 This the Grilled Fish restaurant and the fish we had was mmmppphh.. awesome. hehehe i think the bulldog, Annie is like the mascot of the place.


Grilled Fish

Checkout the food! Oooooo i want the fish. It may look oily but that is all the fish oil goodness after it was grilled. Ahh thinking about it now, i really really want to have grilled fish.

After an early dinner, we went to the famous K-Story Cafe. The K-Pop Cafe was actually setup by the sister of Heechul one of the Super Junior members. The guy in the purple shirt is Bruce, the Ceo and Manager of the cafe. He’s super tall and it was funny how we struck a conversation about working out. He’s truly a friendly person and really knows how to take care of his guests. The gathering at K-Story was actually to interview Alexander Lee Eusobia. He’s such a darling and his mannerisms are just TOO adorable!

Korea Air Plane Food

The following day saw us going off and on the plane, we had some yummy food. I really wished they had the Soyday pack in KL. So handy and easy to eat. It’s just instant tofu which would settle my hunger pangs in the office for a healthy snack.

I must say once again thanks to Korea Tourism Organisation for giving me such a wonderful and fantastic time in Korea. Mee Leng and her family had a wonderful time. Best travelling experiences are with the company you keep.. and the of course the places you visit. ^_^ No doubt i’m definitely going to make my way back to South Korea to see evenmore interesting places, like N Tower, Jeju Island and Nami Island.

You can Read Korea Trip Day 1 HereDay 2 hereDay 3 Here and Day 4 Here. I really hope to share more of my travel adventures with you 🙂

All the photos were taken with either the Samsung Galaxy SIII or the Samsung Note.

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