Spider-Man Workout - Linora Low
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Spider-Man Workout

Spider-Man Workout

Just to make things fun at the gym, I decided to do a theme for my workout. A mix of cardio and a fast circuit training, followed by abs to finish it off. All this was done under an hour. Fast and intense for your body to feel the afterburn effect. After watching Spider-man, the workout for Friday was “superhero” related.  ^_^

Cardio 20minutes of HIIT
Warm up: 5mins at speed 7.7 – 8km/h
Sprint: 1-1:30min  at speed 11.1 – 12.5km/h, last minute sprint to 15km/h
Rest: 5.5 km/h

Circuit :  3 sets
Work: 30s and Rest: 15s

  1. Spider-man Crawl
  2. Spider-man Push Up or mountainclimber
  3. Spiderman Lunge +  Lizard
  4. Superman (ok he’s not Spider-man and neither is he in the Marvel Universe, but for the sake of not giving too many names, let’s just do the superman workout ^_^ )


Explanation of the workout

Spider-Man Crawl :

From a push-up position on the mat, walk forward with your right arm as you lift your left leg and step forward.  Now repeat with your left arm and right leg.  With each step, stay low to the mat.  Continue alternating, for about 20 yards while keeping your back straight throughout movement.


Spider-Man Push Up :


For this movement, get your body down into a close pushup position and then get one leg up like as though you were crawling up a wall like Spider-Man.  Your body should be parallel to the floor. This works your core, arms mainly triceps and legs. You’ll feel quite a bit on your butt too. Be careful with your back for this exercise.


Spider-man Lunge aka Alternating Forggers (too many names to this exercise)




Hope you have fun working out like Spidey now ^_~

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