I'm On The Cover of Shape Malaysia July 2012 - Linora Low
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I’m On The Cover of Shape Malaysia July 2012

I’m On The Cover of Shape Malaysia July 2012

Being a fanatic of fitness, i’ve always admired the ladies who are fitness models. Among my favourite fitness models are Jamie Eason, Lyzabeth Lopez and Jennifer Nicole Lee. These ladies are pure motivation, just by looking at their pictures. Its must be so so so incredibly hard to be in shape all the time, i’ve been working my butt off for over a year. I’m reaping the rewards but still looking to improve in my physique a lot more. First time i saw these amazing ladies was on the cover and articles of Shape Magazine and Oxygen Magazine. Two of my favourite fitness mags to read on the go.

That said when i was first introduced to Shape Malaysia Magazine i was ecstatic. Merina Hew the editor of Shape Magazine in Malaysia and technically the lady who started Shape in Malaysia has a big passion for fitness. I can see why and she’s very knowledgeable too on the matter.. obviously! One of my big dreams is to be in a fitness magazine and I can safely say, this year that happened for me.

After a lot of hard work – which is not going to stop. I’m finally on the cover of one of my favourite fitness magazines.. YAY!!!

However I wasn’t alone, this is a special edition of Shape magazine celebrating their 5th anniversary. I was very honored to be chosen as one of the females for the cover, right next to two other gorgeous and fit ladies – Jay Menon and Jojo Struys.

Take a look at some of the behind the scenes shots.

Shape Cover Photoshoot

Me, Jojo Struys and Jay Menon fooling around while we wait to do the shoot and get our makeup on our face ^_^

Shape Cover Photoshoot

About to step in front of the camera.. still super nervous but forcing the smile of confidence 🙂 With me at the top is Merina Hew the editor of Shape Malaysia. She’s like a walking encyclopedia on health and fitness!


Shape Cover Photoshoot

Ta da, these were just some test shots.. 🙂

And finally here’s the out come!!!

Shape Malaysia July 2012 Issue

If you’ve made it to the bottom of this post and you’re just wondering what I did to get in shape for SHAPE.. just follow this link.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to pick up a copy of Shape’s Magazine ^_^

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